New Ozone REO V3 now available!

New Ozone REO V3 now available!

Ozone have just announced the release of their Ozone REO V3 – this replaces the 2015 model with fresh colours and the move to Ozone’s new naming convention. We are quite happy not a lot has changed – this kite is one of our favourites! To go with the launch there is a great video featuring Ryan Coote and Paulino Perreira shot in Cape Verde – take a look!

We cant wait for autumn wind and waves! Find out more about the new Ozone REO V3.

An interview with Ryan Coote

An interview with Ryan Coote

KSP MAUI WATERHey Ryan – would you mind introducing yourself to our readers?
I live in Kerry on the west coast of ireland. My interests are in Surfing diving and of course kitesurfing.

You have been a part of the Ozone international team for some time – tell us how that came about.
Not that exciting really. They were looking for people pushing it in the waves and pop an email arrived into my mail boxes. I start talking to Iain and really connected and decided I wanted to be part of the team. I am super stoked how the development has gone with their Reo wave kite. I was mainly wave riding with C kites but we were not really getting it but the new wave kites have changed everything.

You recently took a trip to Portugal with some Spanish Ozone team riders and put out a great video. Tell us about that trip and the new REO.
Portugal was just peachy. I really didn’t know what to expect when i arrived. Not having meet a lot of guys before it was a unknown. I love surfing in Portugal so i was excited to get a chance to kite it.

Waveriding is your thing and in most of your videos you seem to go out in really big waves. Do you love massive waves or do they just make the best videos?
Well its seems that a lot of people like seeing the big stuff alright. I ride in a lot of different conditions here in Brandon Bay where I live my bread and butter conditions are more like head high to just over head. Anything bigger it will max out and just closes out. I do travel up and down the west coast to other spots where the reefs can handle the bigger swell. We are so spoilt with the amount of locations here to ride in no matter what the size of the swell is and the wind direction.

What are your ideal conditions?
16 to 20 knots on my 9m Reo and 25 / 30 degrees off shore winds. As big as the location can handle.

Do you have any tips for riders looking to get out in bigger waves and take their waveriding to the next level?
You really need to be comfortable with your gear and know it inside out. It is down to the conditions that you get to ride in regularly. I try and surf waves before I kitesurf them as well, because its all about dealing with the wipe out. Some big wave spots need a lot of preparation. You need to be in the right head space and have the right gear. But it also takes a lot of luck to get everything to come together on the day.

I do a lot of mental preparation for riding big waves. I also train hard with kettle bells, yoga etc. I tend to just take any situation just step by step and when everything comes together and i find myself in the right head space on the right wave building underneath me then i just let go and flow and deal with what ever comes my way.

Ireland has a reputation as a big wave spot, with surfers from around the world traveling to ride there. How do you get received by these surfers and what is their reaction to you being a kitesurfer?
Most really really well. Its all about respecting one another. I am also a surfer and will surf when the conditions suit surfing so i am out in the line up with most of the big wave heads any way. If i am kitesurfing around surfers I will stop and sit on my board with them in the line up and chat and joke with them. Mostly i think that a lot of surfers would love to try kitesurfing but they are put off by the gear and starting for the beginning again.

Who inspires you and your riding and keeps you motivated?
Its really hard because I only have a few guys here in Ireland that are interested in hunting down heavier bigger waves. Manly its surfers who inspire me. Fergal Smith and Tom Doidge-Harrison are really good guys and so positive to be around they know heavy waves very well and I always enjoy being around them when its heavy. Between both of them they the best knowledge about waves in ireland.

As far as kitesurfing i really enjoy watching Keahi de aboitiz he is so relaxed in heavy waves and his barrel riding skills are insane. But there are not that many people pushing Kitesurfing into the unknown areas where I am going so its kind of trial and error for me. A lot of places I kitesurf here in Ireland are firsts.

What do you do when you are not riding?
I have a 2 year old kid Enough said.!!! But i surf a lot and free dive and do a lot of gardening. I run a kitesurfing school in Ireland during the summer and do kitesurfing tours.

You competed on the KSP tour – tell us about the experience of competing with the world’s best wave-riders and your feelings on the tour?
I was very excited about doing the KSP but when it actually happened it was really a bit of a let down. Its so hard to run a comp and keep everyone happy. The first event was here in ireland in Oct and we had a 10 day holding period and we only managed to get two OK days of riding which is really harsh because in Ireland in Oct its normally pumping.

The Maui Event was just as hard the conditions just didn’t play ball.The guys on tour are mostly nice guys, some are a bit too full of themselves and their attitude stunk. Kitesurfing is such a young sport still and we are still trying to work out what works. I dont think the heat format doesn’t work for wave riding.

Do you enjoy competition?
No not really. I much prefer competing with myself.

Do you have any big plans for 2014?
Yeah more big waves. Also i really want to try to kitesurf around coast Ireland.

Who are your sponsors?
Ozone Kites, Oneill, Aor Surfbaords, Jay Harness, Surf plugs, Manna Organic Store.

Kite Surf Pro Goes Down in History

Kite Surf Pro Goes Down in History

Kite Surf Pro - Mauritius Wrap UpThe KSP kicked off in Mauritius this month at the epic One Eye off the coast of Le Morne. The next stop will be in Peru. The One Eye Pro was streamed live for the world to watch and the judges scores were broadcast immediately too. The worlds best riders entered and all in all – I think everyone is very happy with how things panned out.

For those of us in the UK – we did pretty well. Steph Bridge represented for the women and finished 3rd overall. Lee Harvey represented for the men but got knocked out pretty early.

Reports from various riders are popping up on the internet now – we will try and collate some of them here:

Cornish kitesurfer selected for KSP World Tour

Cornish kitesurfer selected for KSP World Tour

Lee Harvey PortraitLee Harvey aka Pasty from Penzance, Cornwall has been selected to compete on the Kite Surf Pro world tour. An extensive voting process was initiated by the International Kiteboarding Association, involving National Kite Associations, the panel of judges and wave riders committee, the IKA industry partners and the world’s kitesurfing media who were asked to submit their Top 15 male and Top 8 Female kitesurf wave riders. These are then added to the 7 pre qualified male riders bringing together the World’s Top 22 male and 8 females to battle out for the 2011 World Kite Surfing crown in the best waves on the planet. The only other UK rider to be selected was 3 x Women’s World Wave champion, Kirsty Jones from Wales.

Lee says; ‘I am so stoked to be recognised as one of the best wave riders in the world with a kite and can’t wait to fly the Cornish flag at the best spots in the World. To be listed alongside the sports superstars, is amazing and gives me extra motivation to train hard and represent my country as best as I possibly can. Hopefully I’ll be bringing the World title home to Penzance for Christmas.’

The first stop of the tour is in Mauritius in September, then goes to Peru in October and finally Cape Verde in December where the World Champion will be crowned in the famous right hand point break of Ponta Preta. Lee is now in need of sponsors to help with the travel costs. If you are interested or can help, please contact lee by email- to discuss which level of sponsorship is best suited to you or your business.

More info can be found at and
Lee is sponsored by North Kiteboarding, Newave, Wiley X eyewear and Freeriders surf shop.

Maxtrack bring Newave to the UK

Maxtrack bring Newave to the UK

Newave is a new french kiteboard brand specialising in strapless surf boards and skimboards. Waveriding is growing year on year as more riders look to mix it up and try different riding styles. Newave want to dispel certain myths: Waveriding is not hardcore, you can jump with strapless boards, and riders of any level can enjoy a kite surfboard.

Legendary master shaper Marco Copello designed the surfboards. Copello has shaped over 7500 boards. He and worked for many big windsurf (Bic, Fanatic,Tiga) and was involved in shaping the first twin tips for Bic over ten years ago. He has shaped boards for top pros including Manu Bertin, Raphael Salles, Anders Bringdal and many more.

Newave have already signed a great team to represent them including two PKRA riders: Alvaro Onieva (Spain) and Lee “Pasty” Harvey (UK) who is currently ranked 9th in the World for waveriding.

Maxtrack will be distributing Newave in the UK. They have been working in the UK kite scene for over 10 years and hold a portfolio of brands including MBS Mountainboards, Never Summer Snowboards, Flysurfer kites and Flyboards.

The Newave range currently consists of 3 boards, the 6’2 Surf, the 5’8 Play and the Skim. We will be getting a test board in soon and will get a review written up asap.