Wake Demo Tour Stop 3 – Sheffield Cable Ski

Wake Demo Tour Stop 3 – Sheffield Cable Ski

This weekend the Watersports World UK crew will be hitting up Sheffield Cable Ski for stop 3 of the 2011 Demo Tour.

The last few events have gone down a storm and this one is set to be just the same. A nice relaxed atmosphere on the dock, loads of different boards, many more boots, and even some suits thrown in for good measure. No pressure to buy, just a lot of pressure to hit the water! We want to see as many people on the water as possible no matter what your ability. The whole event is about getting more people on the water and making sure everyone is riding the perfect product for them.

On demo will be loads of new kit. From Hyperlite we have the awesome new System Bindings, all sizes, all models and an all new revolution in wakeboarding. On the board side we have everything from Process to Premier, from Franchise to Forefront and from Murray to Motive all there in all sizes for you to try out. On the Ronix side we have all the usual suspects, One, Viva, Bill and District and on top of that we have the all new Phoenix Project, a sick new flexboard you just have to try.  Then from Mystic we also have the full range of vests available for you to try on and fall in love.

Not enough reasons above to come on down?? How about expert advice on and off the water from the likes of Nick Davies, Lewis Cornwall, Gareth Stelfox and Simon Chapell??? That not enough how about Tor Young to help out all you ladies?? Still not good enough okay how about seeing a big group of the UKs biggest pros from the UKs best pro team hitting the water and strutting their stuff!! Now I know you are convinced!

See you on the dock!

Sheffield Cable Wakeboarding Demo

Hyperlite 2011 Wake Demo Tour

Hyperlite 2011 Wake Demo Tour

Hyperlite 2011 Wake Demo Tour – Try before you buy!

For months now you will have been seeing all the promo material for all the new 2011 wake gear bombarding you whether on your Facebook wall, in your local pro shop or from the team riders at your local lake. Like any new products all the shiny new graphics will be the first thing that catch your eye, but no matter how much you like the look of the gear, rule no.1 for any serious rider is never buy off graphic alone!!

So how do you decide what to ride? Test them of course!

The 2011 Hyperlite Wake Demo Tour kicked off just over a week ago with our first event of the season at Blackpool Wake Park on Saturday 16th April and the Wake MK on Sunday 17th. We grabbed 30 boards and countless sets of the new Hyperlite System Bindings from the shelves, all brand new and broke them out of their boxes, loaded them into the van and headed off to kick off the season.

There was one main theme running through both days, System, System and more about the System! We expected a lot of interest but the amount of people itching to try out the biggest revolution in wakeboarding for along time was unreal. Even with a full team including myself, our main man and public face Mr Nik Green, UK Team riders Tor Young and Gary Stelfox, and not forgetting International Legend Nick Davies, we didn’t stop for the entire day matching keen riders with a suitable board and set of Systems to match.

As for the response, well it was unreal, we had one negative comment all afternoon which made us all laugh, they are “too responsive”,  if this is a problem then it is a problem im sure everyone of us would love to have??? The same story came back time after time, “every move you make transfers to the board”, “the edge to edge is unreal” .

Now I would expect most of you who read this to think blah blah blah of course we are going to say all this and I cannot argue with that. But what I can do is challenge you all!!

Do not take my word for it, do not take the word of our team riders, do not take the word of others that have tried the products. Try them for yourselves!

We have 2 more confirmed Demo Days in the coming months. First up is at Sheffield Cable Ski on Saturday 21st of May for all you riders stuck up in the bleak north just like us in the office. Then we move to JB Waterski down at Thorpe Park on the 4th of June for everyone down south.

So take up the challenge, come try before you buy, then make your mind up which is the product for you. What’s the sense in buying off graphic or on your mates advise when you can pick the perfect product for you and have a great day on the water to go with it!!

I cant finish this little article without giving a big shout out and thanks to Nick Davies, Tor Young and Gary Stelfox and all the others who worked their ass off alongside the Watersports World team at these events.

See you on the dock!

Guest Writer: Scott Taylor – WaterSportsWorld
Photos: Nik Green