10 reasons why 2011 will be a good year for board sports

10 reasons why 2011 will be a good year for board sports

triple cork guy10 – Triple corks/flips on snowboards
Does anyone remember when a backside 180 would win youan international snowboard comp? I do, but it seems like you have to do a few more spins to walk away with the trillion dollar prize cheque. That is if this years X Games Big Air is anything to go by.

Walking away with gold, Torstein Horgmo’s trip flip surely signals a new era of progression. Riders are once again going to be upping the ante and progression is clearly on the cards. Perhaps we’re going to see quads by the end of the year? Lets just hope that all this focus on technicality doesn’t bring about the untimely death of style…

9 – Kitesurfers get mainstream media coverage
As if jumping other some ‘little’ pier in some little seaside resort wasn’t cool enough, Lewis Crathern only went and jumped over Brighton pier and ended up all over the telly, internet and newspapers. Ok, ok, it happened in 2010 but with this much coverage, kitesurfing finds itself better known, respected and appreciated by the wider public in 2011.

Hopefully as the season starts this summer there’ll be more groms picking up boards and flying kites. Oh, and hopefully there’ll be more babes in bikinis getting involved and digging the kitesurf vibe.

8 – Mountainboarders get rad
2010 saw Tom Kirkman get a well overdue pro model on MBS mountainboards. As the lightest, bestest, sexiest, funnest mounatinboard ever, riders have been finding it easier to push the limits. My guess is that 2011 will see 900’s becoming a relatively common occurrence and I’d guess the elusive double backie will get stomped. Whatever happens, its pretty clear that the standard of riding is on the up and 2011 is going to be a good year for mountainboarding.

7 – Lots of sweeeet, sweeet technology
Once upon a time snowboards were simple planks of wood with a bit of rope at the front. Fast forward a few decades and now not only can you get a board with triple-rocker-cucumber-invert-space-gnar-camber but you can also rock out with some triple-camber -cucumber-invert-space-gnar-rocker! The hardest part is picking which one!

Despite lots of marketing jargon, new technologies are making gear even better and giving us lovely consumers loads of choice, which is surely a good thing. Companies are also getting greener and trying to look after the environment, again a good thing. Don’t fret though, cos even when the snow does all melt, all this snowboard technology progress will culminate in the invention of the triple-rocker-cucumber-invert-space-gnar-camber hoverboard.

6 – Full length videos for free
Brilliant! No longer do you have to pay an arm and a leg for some boring, standard format shred flick. The internet, coupled with relatively cheap pro filming gear (ala gopro and canon cameras) have ensured that original, free films rule the shredflick roost!

Not only does it mean you can watch loads of skate and snow porn but it also makes it easier to check out what’s going down in some newer board sports such as mountainboarding, without ever having to leave your front room.

5 – Kickflips get easier
Only joking, kickflips are still the hardest thing EVER. Or maybe I just suck at skateboarding? Who knows, but with summer on its way and with plans in the UK to cut public transport, it looks like I’ll be skateboarding loads more. It’ll be cheaper and quicker than the bus anyway.

4 – No one cares what you wear when you go snowboarding
After years and years of having to keep up with the fickle trends of snowboarding, Shaun White’s recent performance at the X-Games signals a new era where you can literally where whatever the hell you want!

In 2011 no one will have to fork out £500 for a super tall, mega tech tall jacket, all you have to do is pop down to Ann Summers, buy the tightest pair of PVC pants you can find, grab a leather jacket from the local charity shop and hey presto, you’re ready to hit the hill.

3 – Surfing beaches get cleaner
The awesome people at Surfers Against Sewerage are on a mission to tidy up the UK’s beaches and the best part is you can get involved and help out! No one likes surfing in polluted water, and hopefully 2011 will see more beaches becoming pollution free.

Cleaner beaches = better surfing. Simples!

2 – Skateboarding saves the world
With a long history of conflict and violence, Afghanistan is hardly the kind of place you’d expect to find a thriving skateboard community. Turns out that a small NGO set up by three friends to teach the kids of Kabul how to skate has been going from strength to strength and now the Kabul skate scene is rad!

Started in 2003, skateistan now consists of an indoor skatepark, climbing wall and education centre, an outdoor, concrete skatepark is set for completion in 2011. All of this in one of the most fragile, war-torn places on earth. The work of skateistan is amazing and shows just how board sports can bring people together. Fingers crossed 2011 will see the rest of the world will put down their guns, pick up a skateboard and go for a shred.

Really inspiring stuff – Bilal’s Message for Other Disabled Youth

1 – Board sports are as fun as ever
From the streets of Kabul to the suburbs of London via the beaches, mountains and streets of the world, board sports are still the funnest things to do ever. They provide some well needed escapism, bring you some awesome friends and provide you with a lot of good memories. No matter what happens in 2011, me, myself and I are going to be having way too much fun riding boards. I suggest you do the same.

Now, who fancies coming for a breakboard?… Anyone?

Content by Rhys Crilley