UK Snow Domes

UK Snow Domes

Lannig Canu by Jools SmithIn a way we are quite lucky in the UK – we just have Scotland in the winter which is obviously not comparable to what our European neighbours have in the Alps/Dolomites/Pyrenees. When it comes to summer shredding though we have a vibrant scene and more snowdomes than anywhere else. Not only do we already have loads – but there are more on the way with a constant stream of planning applications being submitted by various city councils. The UK freestyle competition scene ironically all happens in the summer. It is for good reason though – all the pro riders are away in the mountains during the winter!

Without further ado – here is a quick round up of the UK snow domes.

Chill Factor e Manchester
One of the newer domes but also one of the most active! Local shop Subvert keep the scene alive with help from the marketing team at Chill and a group of pro active boarders! They had a minor set back last year when freestyle nights were cancelled due to structural repairs but the nights are now back on! Being one of the newer domes it is pretty cold i there and the snow is generally in great condition!

Snowdome Tamworth
The original snow dome and still the only one with a corner and an escalator. Take from that what you will but despite being a bit different it is still a great place to ride and the freestyle nights have a great mix of features and talented riders!

Sno!Zone Milton Keynes
For a long time this was the biggest and most happening of the UK domes. Regular demo nights from TSA and well attended freestyle nights make it worth a trip. The snow conditions are variable and often not great due to the sheer volume of people who go through the doors there. Loads of good events keep pulling people back in there though.

Sno!Zone Castleford
Refered to as CasVegas by the locals there is a really strong scene here. The north of England has always produced great riders and this tradition continues. The freestyle nights are really busy and the level of riding pretty high.

Sno!Zone Braehead
Having actual mountains with snow on in winter affects attendance at Braehead but also means the level of riding can be really high. The Scottish scene is full of enthusiasm and loads of events. One downer is the level of diesel pollution in the snow here – it will make your board’s base black! (Sort it out guys!)

The Snow Centre Hemel Hempstead
This is the new kid on the block having opened only a couple of years ago. Because of this it was also gifted with the latest snow making technology and the least tattered look. Having (very sensibly) been built on a hill and not the flat, the slope is also better supported making it the only snow dome allowed to build kickers (as far as we know!).

Let us know your thoughts on the domes below!

Photo of Lannig Canu at Hemel Hempstead by Jools Smith.