BFC Cream Teas and Jam Round 2 @ Surf The Turf

BFC Cream Teas and Jam Round 2 @ Surf The Turf

Everyones favourite mountainboard freestyle jam is coming to the Lake District on the 3rd and 4th September.

Rumour has it that Surf The Turf have a great weekend planned, there’s a screwfix go-kart rally taking place and… it’s CREAM TEAS AND JAM ROUND 2!

On the Saturday it’s heat 3 of the Screwfix/Evolution Go Kart Rally and on Sunday we it’s round 2 of the Cream Teas and Jam Mountain Board Freestyle Jam.

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Saturday will be go-kart race day but we’ll also be having the 2nd annual BFC Banked Slalom Challenge.

That night there will be tunes, a campfire and camping then Sunday the 4th we are hosting round 2 of the Cream Teas and Jam freestyle session!

Expect the usual jibbing, freestyle, spot prizes and fun times!

Cream teas and jam is more about the fun than the winning so whether your a novice or a pro come and have some mountain boarding fun and win some prizes. Last year was great and we are aiming for this years event to be even better!

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5 Top Mountainboard Centres for Freestyle

5 Top Mountainboard Centres for Freestyle

Tuai Lovejoy at BugsboardingA big part of any boardsport is travelling. No one wants to session the same spot over and over forever. Riding new features and meeting new people is what it is all about no matter what sport you’re into. If you’re into freestyle mountainboarding we have created a list of the top centres you should visit this year.

1) Bugsboarding (UK)
Bugs was one of the first centres to focus strongly on freestyle and has since become the training ground for many top riders over the years. The centre is constantly evolving with new jumps and features being put in every year, it’s also been the home of the mountainboarding World Freestyle Championships for the last three years.

It’s not just a place for pros though, and beginners will have an awesome time cruising the nice long and wide beginner’s slope which also features a selection of rails and kickers. The main features for those of you who want to stomp your first backside 540s, are a huge north shore drop, and the three house-sized jumps created for the World Freestyle Championship ending in a giant quarter pipe. 

The centre runs a number of events every year including hosting a round of the BFC Cream Teas and Jam and the annual mountainboarding film festival run by ATB Junkies. For 2010 Bugsboarding will be evolving again with more jumps aimed at intermediate riders and improvements to the boardercross track.

Centre website:

2) Knockhill (UK)
A family run centre, ran by riders for riders, Knockhill is one of those centres that doesn’t get as much publicity as it should. It is a favourite amongst the UK’s top riders due to the variety of features found nowhere else. The whole park takes inspiration from Skate, BMX and Snowboard parks with spines, rails and stair sets.

Without a doubt the king of centres when it comes to jibbing; no other centre has such a variety of rails, boxes, quarter pipes and the place is constantly expanding. Knockhill MBC has hosted a round of the BFC Cream Teas and Jam series for the last 3 years and this year held a very successful ATC Training camp.

Centre website:

3) Surf The Turf (UK)
Located in the lake district, Surf the turf is the ideal location for anyone who fancies a UK mountainboarding holiday. With a boardercross featuring several lines (and 7 berms in a row. Yes that’s right, 7!), a cool selection of rails and a plethora of north shore drops and jumps, surf the turf is definitely worth a visit.

The relaxed, friendly vibe also makes it the perfect place for people to learn and the chillsville surf shack is ideal for chilling out after a hard days shredding. Surrounded by rolling hills and big peaks, the local freeride terrain is also some of the best in the world.

Centre Website:

4) Winterberg (Germany)
Riders from all over Europe flock to Winterberg every year. It has the longest runsand boardercross tracks available at any centre and the freestyle park is serviced by a T Bar lift.

The big jump at Winterberg is truly massive and allows those riders at the top of their game to push the limits of what is possible.  Every rider who visits, returns with new tricks in the bag, improved confidence and a massive grin. The surrounding area is packed with extra stuff to ride but the highlight is the neighbouring mountain bike park which has a huge number of different lines. The German hospitality really makes this park worthy of a visit

Centre website:

5) Wanyi Park (Belgium)
One of the oldest mountainboarding centres around and with a great family scene. With a bar and café at the top, people just like hanging around here. The Belgium Open is held here every summer and has to be one of the best attended mountainboarding events, with most European countries represented and riders coming from as far as Spain. It is not just about the welcoming atmosphere and beautiful surroundings – the riding is top notch too. There are a good variety of jumps, bumps, rollers, rails and a quarter pipe: plenty for all levels of riders to get their teeth stuck into. Oh, and did we mention it has a bar?

Centre website: