Flysurfer Sonic-FR on Snow

Flysurfer Sonic-FR on Snow

The Flysurfer Sonic-FR is a new high performance race foil from Flysurfer. The Sonic-FR comes in 11m , 15m and 18m sizes. Whilst away this week at the Ozone Snowkite Masters 2015 in Silvaplana, Swizterland we snapped a few shots of this upcoming kite. From what we saw – mainly from the 15m in light winds the performance looks great, the kite maintained a lot of air pressure and turned extremely well. One of the riders flying the Sonic-FR was getting some great hangtime as well as bombing it along on the flats. The Sonic-FR is due for release shortly and will be shipping with a new version of the Infinity bar. We can’t wait to get our hands on one to fly it back to back with the Ozone Chrono and Flysurfer Speed 4.

Ozone Edge 2011 Land Based Review

Ozone Edge 2011 Land Based Review

Introduction: The Ozone Edge is Ozones answer to low wind and race kiting on water. Ozone describe the kite as ‘the ultimate ride, it’s the Ferrari of the kite world” Besides slicing upwind at ridiculous angles and getting going in Zephyr territory in terms of wind range, The Edges high aspect design turns it into a boosting and hangtime monster.

Ozone Edge 2011 Kite

Talk the Talk: We tried this kite on the recommendation of the Spanish Ozone distributor, we hadn’t flown an Edge since the RX model back in 2009 as the kite isn’t marketed and featured quite in the same mainstream way as the Catalyst and C4, and in theory it appeals to a smaller market. We were completely blown away with this newly designed 2011 Edge design. Its sleek, light weight and wrapped in Ozones clean cut graphics looks extremely “smart” in the sky.

Ozone Edge 2011

Ozone are particularly good at providing great package contents when purchasing your new kite. Complete options come with an outer bag, a draw string inner bag, a pump with pressure gauge, a sand bag, repair kit, etc… You get the idea! If purchasing a quiver always be wary that the kite only options just come in the inner draw string “stuff sack”.

Since we last flew an Edge the kite has lost a couple of struts and looks completely new all around. It is high aspect with long swept tips. In the sky the Edge is very smooth, its flys through the wind window at high speed and yet still gives positive “umph”/get up and go when starting a run or making a transition. We tend to find the high aspect kites ride really well upwind, and in low winds build apparent wind efficiently but often lack the initial grunt to get started that lower aspect kites offer. We found the Edge was a perfect combo of both. It remained quite poppy even on the spot without having to build much speed in the kite unlike the Manta, the Edges foil counterpart.

The Ozone Edge 2011 Ozone Contact Bar

In the last two years the land and water bars have been bought closer together. For 2011 the bars are now identical besides the line calibration/land kite safety. The bar itself and the megatron chicken loop is now completely standard among all Ozone depower kites. The bar is clean cut and very easy to use, nothing fancy, which often results in less to go wrong. The front line safety worked well at all times during testing and the relaunch on the edge is fantastic for a kite so thin! Due to the swept back tips the kite pivots very easily when at the edge of the window. On the kite itself there is no options for rigging the lines to change back line tension, instead this is neatly tucked away under the bar floats. If you slide them towards the kite you will find three settings for changing the tension/response of the kite. The trim system works on Ozones proven cleat system which is both super easy to use and great to clean out and maintain due to no small, or hard to get to parts.

Jumping the Ozone Edge 2011

The Edge is not all about looking good and build quality. In winds where we would normally be flying a size up the 9m was delivering superb performance – in all aspects. If you are not just about going crazy fast and tacking upwind at obscene angles. The Edge is one of the best Lei’s we have flown to date for old school riding. Massive airs and even bigger hangtime, coupled with a super stable canopy make this a superb progression kite. The Edge has the ability to jump big, really really big and even on this 9m the float was brilliant. Because the kite is such a high aspect it is no wasp like in turning so no over redirecting or “suprise kiteloops” occur.

We spent all day on various test kites and this kite had the biggest que to get another go on. The Edge is so incredibly easy to get on with you wouldn’t believe it until you flew it. Despite being the highest performing kite in the Ozone range it maintains the Catalyst and C4 style of riding which makes transferring between the two kites a doddle.

Liked: The huge hangtime offered even on the smaller size, Extremely stable and good realunch, Big upwind ability and depower.

Would Change: Maybe some racing stripes across the canopy or a built in camera for shooting your friends as cut past them upwind.

Overview: Dispite the higher costs of the Edge against other kites in the Ozone range, it really does offer the next level of performance in terms of boosting and upwind ability. The kite remains very easy to handle and stable yet offers rucksacks and bags of performance.

Size on test: 9m

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Hangtime on the Ozone Edge