MBS Mountainboards Announce New Range!

MBS Mountainboards Announce New Range!

A load of new images have been released in the last couple days of an all new MBS Mountainboards range including some new components. The most exciting will be the Matrix II trucks (+ Matrix II Pro which have hollowed axles), and the F5 bindings which feature dual ladder straps to help make the binding fit smaller feet and less bulky shoes.

More details coming soon! For now here are some images of the new product. The product is due to land in September!

MBS Launch New Pro 90 Kiteboard

MBS Launch New Pro 90 Kiteboard

The MBS Pro 90 has been the board of choice for top kiteboarders ever since it was released 4 years ago. MBS have finally released a new Pro 90. This is not just a graphic change either – it is a totally new board from the ground up. The shape is similar, but features 20 degree as opposed to 25 degree tips and is 2cm wider in the middle. The deck layup is also new – featuring bamboo. The key for MBS was keeping the performance of the old pro 90 but hitting a much more accessible price point. Given the old board was £500, and the new one is £379, it seems they hit this! The loss of the carbon, abs sidewalls and the inserts in the deck are what achieved the price drop. The components remain the same proven set up from before.

The graphic is an amazing piece of art by Decreate.

You can see full specs for the MBS Pro 90 here.

Trampa Holey Triple Seven Pro

Trampa Holey Triple Seven Pro

Trampa Holy Triple Seven ProThe team at Bugsboarding Mountainboard Centre got hold of a new Trampa Holey Triple Seven Pro – the top of the range mountainboard from Trampa and took it for a test ride. Here are their thoughts:

Trampa have been on the circuit now for a fair few years and the boards have been well received. After meeting up with Ted Orr the company owner and chief everything he gave me a new development to try out and review for the mag.

The board came to me in a box of bits (Trampa components are usually built when ordered), so I went to the shed and got the tools out for the job and quickly got to grips with putting the board together. Now for someone who has not done this before its not the most straight forward task but after a while you can soon work it out.This is generally the same for all brands of boards when in bits so adult supervision is required.

It didn’t take long before the board was ready to ride, one thing I noticed about the components when building the board is the quality was a very high standard and everything went together really easily and fitted well. The tolerances are spot on which makes things a pleasure to take apart and put back together when needed. There is also a lot of nice detail and logos on the components except the deck – which is not a problem as there are a load of vinyls to stick on where you like for that personal touch.

Trampa Holey Triple Seven ProThis board has a very different look and stands out in the crowd – and with Trampa being Trampa you have an almost unlimited choice of colours to mix and match should you want to be any different from the guy next door.

The Triple Seven Pro came with a choice of Trampa Dampers of which I chose green for the test ride at Bugsboarding. As soon as I arrived with the board there where a few smiling faces and helmets going on – everyone wanted a try on this board. Stepping on for the first time the board feels solid,the deck is slightly shorter than what I am used to riding and felt nice and stiff underfoot and it took everything in its stride as you would expect.The trucks are precise,the bindings are comfortable and the Trampa tyres give a good grip on grass and dirt.

The ends of the board felt extremely light with the new titanium trucks which gave a really nice feel for jibbing about on, they also look pretty darn cool from above with the deck being cut out above the trucks and a see through look being achieved. Apart from looking cool the cut outs save weight and so do the holes under foot.In fact this board is one of the lightest in adult boards on Trampa’s range.

All in all this board is very high quality, light, looks good and comes at a very reasonable price when you look into what your getting for your money, with heel straps included, juicy titanium king pins and truck axles, crazy cut outs and funky colours available what more could you ask for.

Trampa Holey Triple Seven ProWhile at Bugs the rest of the crew also had more than a few goes on the board and here are a few of their comments….

”The board is really easy to do spins, it feels heavy at first but due to the holes and light weight trucks it actually feels really light when riding it. Theres no graphics so would really like to see some funky options of stick on ones from Trampa, I really like this board and would recommend anyone with the money to buy it….now”.

” Feels heavy when you first pick it up but when you step in it feels super light, all components feel super sturdy and sound. Overall looks are great with a clean feel to them, its up to you to cover it in stickers and do you own graphics to personalise it”.

”Cool shape, like the look with the holes in it.The blank deck is cool if your a sticker it up person but i would like to see some graphics if poss. The super light weight trucks work well with the poppy deck and steep tip angle,making it smooth to carve, easy to spin and stable to jib about on. All in all a super sweet, gnarly, cool, radical board”.

Trampa Holey Triple Seven ProTech Spec – What Trampa say:

  • VerTigo Trucks with the latest 10mm titanium axles 750grams each
  • White Gloss Hypa Wheels and Trampa Treads tyres
  • Mint Ratchet Bindings with Heel straps
  • And of course the 35 degree Holey pro deck

The Holey pro is a very special 35 degree long Trampa deck which has been slimmed, shaped and slightly shortened in overall length making it 20% lighter than its original and slightly bigger brother. Due to the immense strength of a Trampa deck we have been able to cut oval holes (very difficult to replicate at home), into the foot stance area and a very unique “frog mouth” shaped hole around the base plate mounting area.

The deck has also been cut “off set”. This means there is a larger radius cut into the length of the toe side of the deck compared to just a small radius on the heel side. This has been specifically done too help encourage more difficult “toe side turns”. By making these changes to the deck not only reduces the weight by 20% and allows the deck to steer easier, but also makes the deck very pimp looking and uniquely allows the rider to be able to look through their board to see the inner workings of their Beautiful VerTigo truck. Unique!

The VerTigo Truck (the capital T in VerTigo shows the trucks have Titanium) has the finest grade 10mm titanium axles mounted into the precision drilled CNC hanger. The hanger is then sent to be polished, powder coated and then CNC’d, precision base plate using another rod of sexy titanium, this time in the form of a tiny 6mm kingpin. To gain accurate and fluid steering when riding, detailed and precise construction is required. To help achieve this the “Kingpin” is housed within standard plastic bushings which are the highest quality known with the smoothest and frictionless of surfaces to keep steering running sweet. These plastic bushings are available in a variety of sizes with just 0.5mm base difference between them, which during precision construction allows us to pack out any tiny gaps and avoid any inevitable tolerance issues experienced in engineering, giving you the strongest and most precisely constructed, smooth steering system.

The springs are available in a variety of colours but there is no performance difference between them. However the colour difference between the Trampa Dampa’s, the special elastomer which sits inside of the spring and supports the different individual weights of the riders indicates a different compound used resulting in a different steering resistance allowing the rider to custom tune the performance of their steering relative to their weight, ability and personal preference.

In order to get the best performance out of the unique shape of the Trampa Dampa (3 balls stacked on top of each other) meant that a specially shaped “spring retainer” would need to be made and now the Trampa Dampa sits perfectly within its housing taking up any slack when inserted into the truck ready to respond to the slightest of movements when riding. Too accompany this detail change the length and material used of the “spring adjuster” was considered and then altered, and when all the parts are assembled together gives the most stylish smoothest problem free sprung chanel truck steering system ever made!

This incredibly light setup is complimented with Trampa’s own ABEC 5 rated “Reds” bearings and constructed using marine Grade Stainless steel fixings all of which are coated with locking paste and Nylock lock system to give double strength security when out riding. Recomended inflation pressure 50psi but its known that riders are putting upto 80 psi and having no problems at all.The Hypa hubs are without doubt the strongest and lightest plastic hub on the market.

So to round it up – yes this is a very good board and the impressive Trampa brand are certainly pushing the boundaries of the R&D and coming up trumps with the final product, good work Trampa.

To find out more about this board or any other boards that they have to offer then take a look at the super techy (just like the boards) website at www.trampaboards.com it will be well worth it.