BFC Cream Teas and Jam Round 2 @ Surf The Turf

BFC Cream Teas and Jam Round 2 @ Surf The Turf

Everyones favourite mountainboard freestyle jam is coming to the Lake District on the 3rd and 4th September.

Rumour has it that Surf The Turf have a great weekend planned, there’s a screwfix go-kart rally taking place and… it’s CREAM TEAS AND JAM ROUND 2!

On the Saturday it’s heat 3 of the Screwfix/Evolution Go Kart Rally and on Sunday we it’s round 2 of the Cream Teas and Jam Mountain Board Freestyle Jam.

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Saturday will be go-kart race day but we’ll also be having the 2nd annual BFC Banked Slalom Challenge.

That night there will be tunes, a campfire and camping then Sunday the 4th we are hosting round 2 of the Cream Teas and Jam freestyle session!

Expect the usual jibbing, freestyle, spot prizes and fun times!

Cream teas and jam is more about the fun than the winning so whether your a novice or a pro come and have some mountain boarding fun and win some prizes. Last year was great and we are aiming for this years event to be even better!

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Skatepark Mountainboarding

Skatepark Mountainboarding

So mountainboarding is an evolution of skateboarding. , and we’ve gone from starting on a normal, slope, converted that to jumps, and slopestyle, gone a step further to freestyle, and then the winter came along, and as we live in England with no (or not much) snow, and cant all just emigrate to Australia, like the MBS boys have, we need a way of keeping in shape, throughout the winter. So we hit up skateparks. Skateparks are a great way to keep in shape and practice throughout the cold months. OK you cant use a wet ramp, as its very slippery, but the skaters and BMXers are always happy to share ‘their’ parks as they’re interested in your mountainboard. The hardest part of skatepark riding, is dropping in. Once you have mastered the dropping in technique, it’s just like being in a quarter pipe (if your playing vert). There are other skatepark obsticles, such as spines and boxes. These take a little more skill, and a lot more balls, as what you don’t want to be doing is hanging up, and landing face first at the bottom of the ramp. Once you have mastered the dropping in, turning on vert (jumping 180) and got used to riding switch a bit, there is a massive veriety of trickery in the book. Mainly all evolutions of skateboard tricks such as the ‘rock n roll’ when you plant the center of your deck on the coping, then drop back in (in switch). Remember, mountainboarding, weather its on dirt, grass, or skatepark… is dangerous and you should be wearing all your protective kit! Wristy’s, helmet, knee and elbow pads!


Content by Dom Etchells

Skatepark Mountainboarding