Flysurfer release Limited Edition Speed 4 Lotus 12m and 15m

Flysurfer release Limited Edition Speed 4 Lotus 12m and 15m

A very small amount of Limited Edition 12 and 15m Speed 4 Lotus kites are currently available. These will not last long however! The sizes available are 12m (blue/black/white) and 15m (orange/black/white).

Click here to get yours now!Limited Edition Speed 4 Lotus from Flysurfer Just select the “12m Limited Edition” or “15m Limited Edition” option in the size menu! Prices are the same as standard kites.

The Other Cape – Flysurfer Speed 4 Lotus Video

The Other Cape – Flysurfer Speed 4 Lotus Video

After training for two months on the beautiful flat water lagoons of Brazil it was time for Dylan to take his new skills into the waves! The other cape, Cape Town, is a very popular place amongst kitesurfers worldwide. Dylan and Nick decided to look for good conditions a bit closer to home. Cape Verde is known for its amazing waves at Ponta Preta. Kite beach however is less know and very different. With flat water in the front and small waves in the back kite beach offers an amazing diversity in conditions. Beginners will have a blast in the front with easy access to the water. More advance riders will love to use the kickers in the first shore brake and wave riders can have their fun on the second shore brake with waves building up to 2-3 meters every day!

The wind was very strong during our stay! Check out Dylan riding his 10.0 meter Cronix for the freestyle and his 12.0 meter speed 4 lotus for all the oldschool moves! To quote Dylan about his brand new lotus toy “It turns faster and has more hangtime, perfect!”.

A very different video with a lot of lifestyle, enjoy!

Video was shot and edited by Nick de Bruijn from! Big thanks to the main sponsor for the trip, Flysurfer kiteboarding for providing all the kite gear we could have hoped for! We had a blast! Dylan is also sponsored by Jobe, Lifely and Versus.

Video was shot on a Canon C100 with a 18-35mm 1.8, 24-105mm 4.0 and a 70-200mm 2.8 is. Edit was done in Premiere CC and the collor correction was done with Film Convert. Music is a classic, Johnny cash – Hurt.

Flysurfer Launch the Speed 4 Lotus edition

Flysurfer Launch the Speed 4 Lotus edition

After many years of playing the waiting game (and thoroughly enjoying our Speed 3 CE kites) Flysurfer have this week announced the Speed 4 Lotus edition. Flysurfer have been working extremely hard over the last few years to develop not only a new kite to rival the 3 & CE Speed but to improve upon the design, build quality and fabrics.

The result is a completely new Lotus fabric which not only is 30% lighter than the deluxe models we are all currently flying but it is more air tight and durable against water, sand and dirt. Strength and durability is so crucial with these foils. Not only will they remain the flag ship Flysurfer model for several years, but we fly them on land, water and snow – racking up a huge amount of flying hours.

Because the kites are dramatically lighter than the predecessors the turning has been made much lighter, a really strong selling point for such a large kite.

The Flysurfer Speed 4 Lotus sizes have also changed slightly, your new quiver will consist of 12m, 15m 18m and 21m sizes. With lighter weight and turning on the bar we are really excited to try out the new 18m size.

Tom was recently in Tarifa with Flysurfer testing the final prototypes and had this to say:

“The new kites really do feel like a step forward. Flying them back to back with the Speed 3 CE this was very noticeable. The most significant difference is just how light the steering is compared to the S3. This alone was enough to impress me! It feels like the difference between cars with and without power steering.”

We are lucky enough to have a demo production model Flysurfer Speed 4 Lotus whinging its way to us right now directly from Flysurfer so should have a chance to fly and review the kite before you need to grab your credit card in January 2014.

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