Loaded New Race Gloves Announced

Loaded New Race Gloves Announced

Loaded Race Gloves v2As ever we are pretty big fans of Loaded and their efforts to support and build the longboarding community. Typically our coverage has not been so into the race scene, but these new Race Gloves V2 look great and like a real move forward!

Here is the official blurb

Get suited up for extreme high speed gardening with Loaded’s second round of race gloves. Lined with moisture-wicking COOLMAX fabric, the high quality perforated leather exterior maintains breathability and comfort while providing extra abrasion resistance. Carbon and rubber knuckle inserts keep your joints safe in catastrophic crashes while a larger, repositioned reflective section also ensures high visibility for safer riding in low light. Visit our website www.loadedboards.com for more info.

The New Loaded Freeride/DH Board

The New Loaded Freeride/DH Board

Our freeride/DH board is a board that will do it all and can be used as kitchen table when needed. We wanted to make a very versatile board that would allow you to bust out steezy flat ground tricks, slide as fast as you can with, rage hills and tuck all fancy-like in your leathers. Why? Because we like all kinds of riding styles and encourage you to explore and blend styles together.

What you see below is NOT the final board but the latest prototype. We repeat: this is NOT the final board. Stoked to say we have gone through several prototypes so far, exploring a variety of different core thicknesses, construction layups, W concave curvatures, nose/tail widths and lengths, etc.

Please note that the board in the following photos has undergone lots of heavy thrashing (both freeride and freestyle) over the last month and a half, hence the visible wear and tear. As you can see, the rails of the board are damaged. We are in the process of developing sidewalls that will not only protect the rails but also help dampen vibrations while riding. This is currently the most challenging detail that is preventing us from releasing the board yesterday.

WHEN IS THE RELEASE? -Not sure yet. We have some more experimenting to do with rail durability and dampening. We intend for the board to be out this year. We are moving as fast as we can.

PRICE – We accept most varieties of exotic animal trading. Not sure on the price yet; there are still a couple more tweaks to be done including dialing in the construction and sidewall durability.

SPECS – Length: 42” – Yes, it seems like a long board. But you have to consider the nose and tail are each 4.5” long.

Width: 9.75” – We designed this board with a men’s size 8 to 11 shoe in mind. We feel that 9.75″ is a good width to allow your toes and heels to slightly touch each rail so you know where you are on your board and do not have to shift your feet around when transitioning from heelside to toeside slides. Although the width is slightly less than many other downhill boards on the market, we have tested with several foot sizes (including Adam Stokowski’s gigantor boat feet) and have found that it is a comfortable size for most non-silverback riders.

Wheelbase: 28.5” – We have experimented with super small wheelbases of 26” in the past and find that 28.5” gives you the best of both worlds: not too big and not too small. Makes maneuverability great and sliding comfortable and fun.

Weight: ??? – We are aiming to make this board as light as possible, while still durable and damp.

For more information check out loadedboards.com