HQ Matrixx Kite Landboarding Photos

HQ Matrixx Kite Landboarding Photos

We took the chance to grab a go on the latest closed cell offering from HQ Powerkites, The Matrixx at Wallop Reloaded power kite festival. We hope to join the group behind the brand in Fanoe, Denmark in the next few weeks to give the entire range a run for its money and report back with some real week long test reports and reviews!

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Photos: Tom Routh

An Interview with Yannick Schwickert

An Interview with Yannick Schwickert

Yannick Schwickert HQ Rider

Hey Yannick, For those who have not seen you before, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hi, I’m Yannick Schwickert, 23 years, from Düsseldorf in Germany. I’m an apprentice as a physio and will finish it 2013.

How long have you been kiting for?

I have been kiting since I have been a little kid. My father brought me into kiting with small 2-line kite. But I realized very soon, that I wanted to go bigger and higher, so I got my first kitebuggy. Some years later I came to landboarding and this is my passion now.

What originally got you into the sport?

My father and Peter Rieleit from a local kitestore at düsseldorf who introduced into powerkiting as well.

You kitesurf, landboard and snowkite, which is your favourite discipline and why?

My favourite discipline is landboarding. It sounds freaky, but I love to feel the ground. I prefer kiting on grass and not at the beach. Kitesurfing and snowkiting is an option in meantime but this is seasonal where as I can go landkiting all year round.

Yannick Schwickert HQ RiderWhat brands and models are you currently using?

HQ Montana, HQ Neo, HQ Matrixx (coming soon), Trampaboards, Clothes by Brunotti and Kitestuff by Foilfest.de

So, your sponsored by HQ kites, how long have you been riding with them?

I have been riding with HQ Kites for 3 years know. Its so great to work with them and it is nice to be involved in developing the kites. Thank you guys!!!

I know from past experiences the HQ team are a fantastic bunch of riders and designers, do you get to meet often?

Yes, of course. We are always in contact via internet. We often go kiting together at different spots and appear as a big team at the events in Germany and other countrys.

Yannick Schwickert HQ RiderWhat is your favourite kite from the HQ range and why?

On Landboard I prefer the Montana 6 and HQ Matrixx and in the buggy the Prodigy is awesome.

Does this meet you preferred riding style?

Yes, these kite allow me to ride smooth and powerfull in highwind with kiteloops.

Do you have any other sponsors besides HQ? What’s involved in becoming a sponsored rider?

Yes, I am also sponsored by Trampa. They are bulding great landboards, the best I think and highly customizible for every person. Foilfest.de is giving stuff like Harness, Safetyparts, etc. Great support!

Brunotti is giving me stylish clothes for kiting.

If you could kite anywhere in the world where would you go?

I want to go to New Zealand with the idea of combining snowkiting, kitesurfing and landboarding at one time of the year.

I recently saw online some photos from your “Rope Riding” can you explain this?

Roperiding is an alternative way to have fun like kiting when there is no wind. You can train your skills without any risk to hurt yourself, because you are connected to a rope for climbing.

What gave you the idea to try this?

My friend marcel and me always got angry by having f*** Low and No-wind sessions and we needed something to train our moves, when there is no wind. After some thoughts we had the idea of swinging on a rope under the bridge at our homespot.

In the video (see below) you swing out over the water, have you ended up in the drink at all?

Of course not, our system is totally safe, That’s what we first thought about to loose every risk at this way of sport.

Yannick Schwickert HQ RiderSo in no wind and if your not swinging under bridges what else fills your time?

I’m doing a lot of sports as well. I like to go biking or climbing with my friends. Its important to keep fit and not become a couch potato.

Last year you seemed to be at a few competitions, do you like to compete or do you prefer the freedom of freeriding?

Its always funny at the events but the most fun I have during freeriding. Kiting and trying new moves without stress, just having fun with friends.

What are you plans for 2011?

My plans for 2011 are to keep on kiting like I’m doing it at the moment. I have no big plans this years because of my education as a physio. Its rubbing me a lot of time. But its making a lot of fun.

Do you have anything else you would like to add or shout outs to make?

I just want to thank my sponsors for supporting me. Without them I couldn’t do the sport in the way I’m doing it. Thanks!

Check out Yannick’s latest news on his website: http://www.yannickschwickert.de/