Flysurfer Sonic-FR on Snow

Flysurfer Sonic-FR on Snow

The Flysurfer Sonic-FR is a new high performance race foil from Flysurfer. The Sonic-FR comes in 11m , 15m and 18m sizes. Whilst away this week at the Ozone Snowkite Masters 2015 in Silvaplana, Swizterland we snapped a few shots of this upcoming kite. From what we saw – mainly from the 15m in light winds the performance looks great, the kite maintained a lot of air pressure and turned extremely well. One of the riders flying the Sonic-FR was getting some great hangtime as well as bombing it along on the flats. The Sonic-FR is due for release shortly and will be shipping with a new version of the Infinity bar. We can’t wait to get our hands on one to fly it back to back with the Ozone Chrono and Flysurfer Speed 4.

Flysurfer Viron Kite Preview

Flysurfer Viron Kite Preview

Late last summer we out in Sunny Sardinia with Flysurfer for their yearly innovation days. A fun filled week of testing, discussions and general shenanigans with all of the importers, some magazines and the Flysurfer team riders.

Whilst out there we were presented a new trainer/school kite called the Flysurfer Viron. A closed cell depower delta inspired kite with huge amounts of depower and auto relaunch from the side of the wind window when on the beach/snow or on the water.

To help keep costs down for such a kite Flysurfer have come up with a new simple bar system with a brand new quick release which is also to feature on the Infinity Bar 2.0 next year. The Viron is made up of fewer but much larger cells to the other kites in the Flysurfer range and also does not feature a mixer on the bridles.

Flysurfer Viron Kite

To keep such good relaunch capabilities and to enable maximum time on the water without drinking it the kite features only one air intake. Despite this the kite still inflates easily and keeps a high amount of pressure. Flysurfer seem extremely happy with the durability of this product and know for people learning and crashing kites around left, right and center it is one of the key elements. From what I saw out in Sardinia including some crash testing it certainly seems to stand up to the job.

Flysurfer Viron Kite

As you can see from the photo above the Viron has a very swept shape from the Leading Edge to the tips, As well as helping with the massive amounts of depower this kite has it also aids the crash / relaunch capabilities of the kite. When crashing the kite directly downwind in higher winds only minimal bar input either left or right is enough for the kite to slide to the side of the window and take off again. The biggest selling point for this kite for beginners however is how incredibly well the kite behaves when you push the bar all the way out – the kite flies to the edge of the window and just bounces on its tip and waits for input from the rider. Due to its low aspect ratio we were able to fire the kite around the window and let it fly itself quite happily whilst holding a conversation with a group of other riders.

Flysurfer Viron Kite

This kite has been thoroughly thought out for the beginner market, right down to the graphics. As with all kite equipment left and right is defined with sailings Port (always red) and Starboard (often blue/green) This is a great visual aid for customers as once progressing further into the sport line/handle and bar colours are often designed with this in mind.

Flysurfer Viron KiteAs it stands the Viron is going to be produced in sizes 2.5m / 4m and 6m

The Viron will come in a smaller and slightly modified version of the Flysurfer bag found on other kites in the range.

Flysurfer Viron Kite Bag

Ozone Frenzy 2011 Kite Review

Ozone Frenzy 2011 Kite Review

Introduction: The Ozone Frenzy 2011 “Everything has been improved” – Head over to the FlyOzone product page for the Frenzy and that’s one of the first statements you will see. Its always refreshing to have some marketing from the supplier that is both brave and honest.

Talk the Talk: After flying the 11m and the 9m a few times on the landboard I have started to get a good feel for the kites. I wont go to much into the build quality on these kites as look anywhere or fly any Ozone kite and you know to expect some of the best built kites on the market. For 2011 Ozone have generally improved the whole experience of flying the Frenzy.

The additions to the kite this year include the move to meshed and closed vents on the leading edge, a front link line to help keep the kites shape and add stability, more cells in the profile, less bridle, a new ronston pulley on the speed system and trailing edge blow out valves.

When first launching the kite, fill time and the first inflation do not seem to have been slowed down with the edition to the closed cells on the leading edge. The kite powers up extremely smoothly and has a noticeably large amount of depower within the throw of the bar – without having to use the trim strap. The kite is super stable in the air and noticeably quicker then previous versions.

Despite tuning the kites this year to be better overall there does not seem to be an apparent sacrifice to the low end grunt of the kites which has always gone down well with frequent Frenzy flyers. They are extremely easy to fly with near Access stability. The nicest thing about this range is just how versatile the kites are whether in super clean beach winds or dirty inland conditions the kite promises to always deliver good performance. Even if you are new into Depower kites but have the intention of getting some hangtime this kite will not beat you up whilst you learn the basics.

2011 Ozone Frenzy

This year Ozone have merged the water and landkite bars closure together. With any of the new Ozone depowers you now get the Contact Land/Snow Control bar. With the addition of the bar floats to the outside steering lines we say goodbye to the “on the fly” adjustment. After teaching and demoing Ozone kites a fair amount I am glad to see the new feature implemented. An issue I found with the older system is that it was to easy for people to wrongly adjust one side so the tension on the steering lines was different on both sides, This is now the same for the 2011 waterkites as well. All other differences to the bar are land kite specific which include the very effective top hat safety system and link line on the steering lines for reverse landing and launching the kite.

As you probably know the Frenzy is the mid range kite in the Foil range from Ozone. In my opinion it gives the best performance with a great blend of stability and ease of  use to performance. Check out the photos below I took of Abe from the first time he has ridden the new kites.

The Frenzy has always been a good mixture of pop/hangtime which not only allows you to boost some big airs but also have enough time in the air to pull some tricks and build your confidence. I have only had the chance to have a freestyle on the 9m so far but from the float I have experienced the 11m must be awesome for old school and some crazy rotations. Because the kites turn fast and can hold power well in the turn the 9m is easy to downloop out of jumps and kiteloop from the flat. Not only is this good for adding some extra float or lift into a jump but it is also what is required to pull you up a mountain on the snow.

As well as hooked in the kite also flys very well unhooked with no backstall what so ever. Add the massive stability and depower into the mix and this kite rides like a dream for practising new school tricks whilst riding suicide on the leash. They produce a smooth pop when redirecting and you still get a good turning speed.

Liked: The fresh and overall more refined Frenzy on previous years, Noticeable increase in turning speed and a big jump up in stability thanks to those closed cells.

Would Change: There isn’t anything that really stands out, the kite/bag/bar are all at the top of the league. Maybe the 2012 model will come with a guarantee of clean winds every day or pack itself away?

Overall: The best just got better. When already one of the best in your field it has to be hard to improve year on year with noticeable performance enhancements. This kite will suit any keen landboarder or snowboarder who is interested in freeride and freestyle.

Size on test: 11m Frenzy 2011

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