Brunotti Virtuoso Kiteboard Preview

Brunotti Virtuoso Kiteboard Preview

The 2015 Brunotti Virtuoso is a totally new model in the range for this season. This is their ultimate freeride board offering high performance and comfort – the catch being the price. It is not as expensive as the AXIS Limited though for example. The board looks very smart and sophisticated. It has a nice sleak graphic and the Brunotti pads and straps are nice and comfortable and easily adjustable.

In the water the Brunotti Virtuoso is smooth. It handles chop easily. The super narrow edges (Dynamic Slim Rail Tech) really cut through the water effortlessly. The board really is comfortable and has plenty of performance. It handles big landings no problem – the triple concave bottom shape provides plenty of grip and stability.

Take a look and grab a demo!

The Brunotti Dimension 2015 – A Closer Look

The Brunotti Dimension 2015 – A Closer Look

The Dimension has been the stand out board in the range for the last few seasons. A true all rounder which is well suited to the mixed conditions we get here in the UK. It is a premium board and has the details in the base you would expect such as channels for grip and a double concave. The pads and straps work well with most foot sizes and we had no issues making them big enough to accommodate wetsuit boots. You can customise them a lot too.

Major changes for 2015 include the new solid chassis technology which should improve durability of the board and the new active diamond rail which is a new rail shape which improves control and upwind performance.

Find out more about the Brunotti Dimension 2015 over at Island Board Shop and take a look at the close up shots below!

Brunotti release new 2015 Longboards

Brunotti release new 2015 Longboards

These boards look really smart! First impressions do count afterall. We cannot wait to try these. The colour coding is not something we have seen done before and the range is looking good. The Billy is new to the range  – a mini kicktail cruiser that looks like a lot of fun. Ben – the larger classic kicktail cruiser is still there in 2 colourways and Bob the drop through is back in 4 colour ways.

Take a look at the 2015 Brunotti longboards.

Kitesurfing at The Bluff, Cornwall

Kitesurfing at The Bluff, Cornwall

Another planned demo event and another sunny but windless forecast. After checking out Windguru on Wednesday it was decided we would head down to The Bluff, Cornwall for the scheduled Ozone, Flysurfer, Brunotti, Flyboards, Airush and Shinn demo weekend. The wind looked light but none of the crew had previously kited at the spot and the “wind” was blowing the right direction.

The Bluff is situated on the north coast of Cornwall, only a 10 minute drive from the sleepy town of Hayle. There are many options for accommodation very close to the spot – campsites, b&bs and hotels. It is important to note that to kitesurf at The Bluff you must first obtain a permit from either the harbour master or the guys over at Lodey Kite Loft. This pass only costs £10 and gives you free car parking at the spot for a whole year. This is a great way the locals have managed to arrange a simple way of regulating that only insured kiters can use the area. At high tide you do get the odd boat sneaking up on you so it is important to keep your wits about you and always give them right of way.

Kitesurfing at The Bluff, Cornwall

If it was 20 degrees warmer The Bluff would pass for a beach in the south of France or Portugal. A bay of white sand and turquoise clear waters lap the shore here – A contrast to last weekends kite sessions at Southend-On-Sea. We arrived as the tide was starting to turn, due to the light winds the water was very flat in the estuary with small swell and white water further back. As the tied ebbed small crystal clear lagoons formed around a maze of sandbars leaving some great conditions for playing around with some new boards.

Shinn Kiteboards

The wind was light so the morning was dominated by the larger models from Flysurfer, Ozone and Airush with a mix of larger twin tips and directional race and light wind boards. The wind picked up towards the afternoon but peaked at around 15knts. With the current range of boards and kites available on the market there is a lot to be said about light wind kiting. This weekends show stoppers were;

  • Airush – VXR V2 18, Lithium 14m and Lithium One 16m kites. Slayer 60 / 54 and Sector 6o boards.
  • Shin Speedball, Red and Dundee
  • Ozone Zephyr and Edge
  • Flysurfer Speed 3 15m CE and 21m DLX
  • Flyboards Door L

This was the first session of the year for me in a shorty wetsuit and The Bluff really made me feel like I was outside of the UK. The locals arrived just after midday and enjoyed demoing the latest equipment. Mark Shinn was on hand to recommend boards for people from his latest range of creations as well as chilling on the beach and taking some photos.

Mark Shinn

Despite the light winds initially I had a really fun session using the Ozone Zephyr and Shinn Speedball. A super fun combo for messing around in the shallow lagoons, unhooking and spinning around. The Speedball was incredibly fun to ride, its short length made the board really nimble and easy to spin, whilst the larger than normal width gave a good platform for going upwind and landing tricks. As always the new Zephyr performed superbly with its increased efficiency on the previous model.

Shinn Speedball - Ozone Zephyr

After a long day on the beach in the sun we all headed to a local restaurant the Sandsifter. There was a wedding party present when we arrived but we still managed to push some tables to together to grab a refreshing pint and some food. Cake to start, followed by a further starter and a main. The food was good but there would definitely be cheaper options in the area if required. In all we had a great day in the sun on Saturday and everyone seemed to be enjoying the kit available. Unfortunately because of complete lack of wind and long drives ahead on the Sunday we all decided to head home after a great breakfast at Delicious in Marazion.

We hope to see you at the next demo! – Marcus

2013 Brunotti Kiteboards

2013 Brunotti Kiteboards

Brunotti have been relatively quiet in the UK for the last couple of years but thanks to a new UK distributor and a new retailer network things seem to be on the up! Regular demo events have just started so keep an eye out on when the boards will be available to try on a beach near you!

We have managed to have a couple of sessions on each board now and each one fits perfectly into its category.

Brunotti Onyx Blue 2013 Kitesurf Board The Onyx kiteboard from Brunotti remains one of our favourite beginner/intermediate freeride boards for another season. The board features great build, pads and straps with a killer price. On the water the Onyx gets going really easily for a no hookups ride. Whether you are learning you first upwind tack or boosting your 20th 360 grab the Onyx will keep you entertained and comfortable for a long time.

Brunotti Dimension 2013 Kiteboard New to the Brunotti board range for 2013 is the Dimension, taking the place of the popular Pro-X board from yesteryear. This is the true twintip freeride board in the range and benefits from an awesome ride and a classic wood look. The board doesn’t take any real time to dile into and the new pads and straps are both very comfy and very adjustable. In both flat sections and areas of waves the Dimension is extremely smooth and fast – all without the spray to the eyes and face that some boards still manage to do.

Brunotti Youri Zoon Pro Kite Board The 2013 Youri Pro is not all about crazy spins, multiple passess and riding in boots. Much like the Hadlow board from Flexifoil the Youri makes for a great freeride board for a big audience of riders. Because the Youri is quite stiff and has a reasonable amount of rocker the 138cm seems the best all around size. The pads and straps have really improved over the last few years also across the whole Brunotti range. If your looking for a good freeride/freestyle board for slashing around, hooked and unhooked then the Youri Pro board could be a good option for you.

Take a look at Brunotti Boards on Island Board Shop.