BKSA Round 1 Essex 2013

BKSA Round 1 Essex 2013

Another year has past and a new BKSA event season has started. We travelled down to Essex for the BKSA round 1 land event. The event went down really well with wind on both days. All of the competition riding was held on the Saturday and Sunday was for relaxing and freeriding. We also managed to get a couple of kitesurfing sessions in at Southend on Sea with the new 2013 Ozone C4, Catalyst and Zephyr.

KLB Freestyle Pro Essex Round 1 results:

1st Emmanuel (Flysurfer)
2nd Ash (Ozone)
3rd lolo BSD (Flysurfer)

Congratulations goes out to all of the riders who travelled from across Europe to compete at this event. See you at Round 2.

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BKSA Announce their 2011 Events Calendar

BKSA Announce their 2011 Events Calendar

The BKSA run the UK’s competitive kite scene. The events are always well organised and well worth going to. The race crew are very professional and the riders are always looked after – we highly recommend this event series.

Freestyle Kitelandboard, Kitebuggy, Kitesurf , Race/Slalom Kitesurf , GPS Speed Kitesurf

Redcar- May 6th-8th
Ayr- Sept 23rd-25th
Blackpool – October 6th-8th FINALS starting on Thursday !!!!!! Prizegiving on Saurday 8th

Freestyle– Kitesurf
Worthing- TBC – Date and Venue TBC
Barrow- May 27th-29th
Llandudno – June 24th-26th
Hunstanton- July 15th-17th

Freestyle- Land
Middle Wallop – Wallop Reloaded ( TBC) May 28th-30th (Also National Tour )

Cornwall- October 17th-22nd

Regional Race –
South West Cup ( Course/Slalom Racing ) Best 3 results

Watergate April 9th-10th (Also National Tour )
Exmouth June 11th– 12th
Marazion June 18th-19th
Poole Sept Sept 10th-11th(Also National Tour)

Speed Week- Weymouth October 15th-21st

KiteB4girls – Hayling Island Clinic June 23rd-24th Fun Ladies Comp 25th-26th

2011 Fleets

Landboard / Buggy
Pro Men Landboard / Buggy – Fri –Sunday
Amateur Men,Ladies,Senior and Junior Landboard / Buggy – Saturday-Sunday
(NB- Wallop Sat-Mon)

Freestyle Kitesurf
Pro Men / Ladies Freestyle Kitesurf – Fri –Sunday
Amateur Men,Ladies,Senior,Youth and Junior
Race/Slalom Kitesurf Open,Production Mens,Ladies – Saturday-Sunday

Freestyle – Best 5 results
Kitesurf Race- Best 5 results
Kitesurf Speed GPS – Best 3 results
Kitelandboard / Kitebuggy Freestyle – Best 3 results
South West Cup ( Course Racing ) Best 3 results

All Events are subject to funding and may be cancelled 30 days prior to dates shown
Please check website for rules,age categories and all further events info all out by 1st Feb

Any questions – events@kitesurfing.org

BKSA Final 2010 Round 4 – Blackpool

BKSA Final 2010 Round 4 – Blackpool

So far 2010 has been a pretty good year for the BKSA, with all the events getting their fair supply of wind and suitable weather. With the forecast changing day by day most people were wondering if the wind would play ball for this final round.

Unfortunately Thursday saw very low wind conditions in Blackpool, this delayed the Pro Men’s and Women’s kitesurfing event until the Friday making for a jam packed day to fit all the events into Friday for Saturday night presentation.

Friday morning and the wind finally kicked in with the wind building to around 25mph + in the day. Unfortunately for all the land events the sand was too soft making it impossible for the day’s land competitions to run. After a quick meeting it was decided to go in search of a new location for the BKSA land event finals. The ideal location most of the competitors had in mind was a grassy field next to the beach like at the last event in Ayr, but after visiting a few school fields, permission to fly had been denied. We eventually arrived at Fleetwood beach where it was decided to run the comp as the sand was hard and ridable for the competition. However with around 30-35m of downwind space before hitting the stones, all riders were a little more cautious.

The first event to run was the Mens Freestyle Buggy. Yet again a very close competition between Flexifoil riders Craig, Will and ‘stupid’ Dave. The stronger winds than at previous event allowed ‘Stupid’ Dave to pull off some of his crazy kiteloops in a Buggy! along with the usual technical rotations. Craig and Will were close to match Dave’s mad skills. Final event result 1st Dave, 2nd Craig and 3rd Will.

Buggy BKSA Action

The Mens Landboarding was always going to be very close with this event being the decider for the podium between the top 3 riders Steve Smith, Jack Elston, and Ash Garwood. With the powered conditions one rider that really stood out was Dan Smith – pulling of some super smooth moves along with some new ones we haven’t seen before. This gave him a secure place in the Final with Steve, Ash and Jack fighting to keep out of the losers final. After a very close heat it was announced that Jack would join Dan in the final riding for 1st and 2nd position. This made the competition even closer for Ash and Steve as this result for the two riders was vital for a 2nd or 3rd overall finish from the years events.

Event Result: 1st Jack Elston, 2nd Dan Smith, 3rd Steve Smith

BKSA Landboard Final
Final 2010 Result: 1st Jack Elston, 2nd Steve Smith, 3rd Ash Garwood

Mens Final BKSA Podium

After the men’s buggy and landboard us junior riders were cut short on time as the tide was quickly gaining on us. The decision was made between me, Robbie and Tom to run the competition as a straight final due to the time remaining from the high tide. With the wind building on us we were all pretty powered. I was out flying my trusty 12m Speed 3 Deluxe and riding the Scrub GLD going for typical old school moves in some very powered conditions with Tom and Robbie both powered on 7m LEI’s. In the 10min straight final we were all pushed for space in the small arena but were able to work around each other trying to make the most of the space. With both Tom and Robbie pulling off some powered technical moves making it a close decision.

Greg Chilton Boosting Big

Event result- 1st Greg Chilton, 2nd Tom Ford, 3rd Robbie Shire-Maidment.

The BKSA Junior Landboard Podium 2010

I was super stoked making this the 2nd year I have won the Junior British Championships!

This has been due to be my last year as riding as a junior. Its been an epic two years and the junior comps have really helped to keep me motivated all year round. I feel my progression has rocketed and I hope to further progress in my category next year – Men’s Freestyle Landboarding.

Cheers to BKSA for organising and running another awesome season of events and competition.

Content By Greg Chilton