The Westbeach Snowflex series drops in on the 10th of September

The Westbeach Snowflex series drops in on the 10th of September

The Westbeach Snowflex series  is due to start on the 10th September at Halifax dryslope.

Once again the guys and gals at Westbeach have got over a bazillion, trillion, gillion prizes from the likes of:

Westbeach, Skullcandy, Freeze festival, Stepchild, Celtek, Bataleon, Treeline Chalets, Endeavor, Airhole, SP, Northwave, Demon, Dragon, TSA, Bawbags, Nikita, Apo, World Snowboard Guide, Volcom and the Ski & Snowboard Show.

Phew, thats a whole load of stash you could win!

The Westbeach Snowflex series consists of events at:

Halifax September 10th

Aberdeen October 8th

Bearsden November 5th

You can start registering now and be entered in to the prize draw so click here and book your place!


FBBB Present Trick Busters

FBBB Present Trick Busters

FBBB put on the best UK snowboard freestyle nights full stop. This one is going to be as good as it gets – there are even cash prizes! The event will be on Sat 23rd July at SnoZone Milton Keynes. As always there will be loads of spot prizes, great music and art to mix it up!

FBBB Trick Busters

1 hour jam session / Finalists battle it out on 2 selected features (Rail and a box) in a final jam session / Trick cards pulled out of a hat / Rider that stomps the most tricks called out wins / Senior male & female winners will bag £250 each and Junior boy & girl winners will bag £200 each! / Goody bags for all finalists / Spot prize throw outs for good effort and swee…t bails all round!

*The park is designed for riders of all ability levels with a little somethin somethin for everyone. If your not interested in participating in the comp then just come 4 shred anyway*

Get ready to bust some tricks! This is an event not to be missed!

Live art and installation – get ready for a visual stimulation!


MATMAN (DMC champ)

X-KUTZ (Scratchmaster)

Check out last years progression tour stop! Expect an even better park this time round!

Cost: £35 for adults and £28 for under 16’s + £5 comp registration fee ONLY if your competing. (Registration is from 6pm – 7pm ONLY so please don’t be late!)

For more info drop us a message and for advanced tickets
call: 0871 222 5673

For more info on FBBB check them out online.

4 Ways to Rile a Snowboarder

4 Ways to Rile a Snowboarder

4 ways to rile a snowboarderI probably shouldn’t be giving away free bullets for our skiing brethren to fire at us, but hey I doubt they read this great site not being ‘down with the kids’ and all. This list of sure-fire ways to rile a snowboarder will no doubt have you nodding in agreement and recalling those moments steam came out of your ears.

  1. Ask how their SKI trip was.
  2. You’ve been working at the same place for more years than you can remember, your screen saver is a picture of you shredding the gnar, yet when you return from your snowboard trip, spotty geek Kevin in IT (stereotyping I know) asks you, “So how was your ski trip?” This is sure to rile any snowboarder and will result in one of a few stock replies:

    a) My SNOWBOARD trip was great thanks.
    b) I don’t ski, I SNOWBOARD.
    c) I didn’t go on a ski trip.

    Reply ‘C’ is my favourite combined with a walk away, leaving the questioner stood alone with a slightly puzzled look on their face.

  3. Touch their prized possession.
  4. Many a snowboarder has been known to sleep with their board. We give our boards regular TLC in the form of waxing and tuning; a snowboard’s equivalent of a massage. It may seem crazy, but when you spend upwards of a couple of hundred of pounds on something you treat it with respect and want it to stay in pristine condition. Woe betide anyone that so much as breathes on it, let alone touch it or worse damage it. You will feel the wrath of a snowboarder’s tongue or even a fist. Many an argument or scuffle in the lift queue has resulted from someone’s board being bashed with the tips of skis, walked upon by skis or the kids favourite, the drawing of pretty pictures on a board with a ski pole. It’s a worse crime than simply pushing in.

  5. Criticise their technique (unless asked to do so).
  6. As snowboarders we are some of the coolest people to walk the earth, or so we like to think. When strapped into our boards whether we’re just sideslipping along or tweaking a method we think we have gracious style and are the next Terje or Nico in waiting. In fact we’re probably in the majority, pretty pants. However under no circumstances should you critique a fellow snowboarder, unless they specifically ask. They will not take on board your comments, as they know better. They will get very defensive, usually stating that they have been ‘passed off’ to recreational standard and no longer need lessons or technical advice. In short, “I know how to ride thank you.”

  7. Tell them it’s a silly sport and just a fad they’ll grow out of.
  8. I’m sure you’ve all had this conversation, usually as a result of a bad injury or break (just at the time you don’t want to hear it!):

    “You’re too old for that silly sport, isn’t it time you packed it in?”
    “Actually no mum/dad/grandma/grandad (delete as appropriate), it’s not like all those other fads gathering dust in the shed, this one is for real.”

    Unlike the BMX and skateboards gathering dust in the shed, this is a lifelong sport, maybe even a lifestyle sport. There is no reason why you can’t carry on shredding while you’re collecting your pension, enough skiers do. The older generation appear to link snowboarding to the sport of skateboarding and that you don’t partake after the age of 30. Sorry Mum but while ever I have a pulse and my body is in full working order I’ll be snowboarding.

    I’m sure you have all nodded in agreement with the above. I suggest we now infiltrate the ski websites and find out what rattles their cage just to keep the sport of skier goading alive.

    Pete Campbell is a snowboard instructor for Love Snow.

The Shredneck Mini Ramp Jam

The Shredneck Mini Ramp Jam

Presented by Never Summer Snowboards, The Reason, Blue Bird Wax and FBBB

Once upon a time all you needed to have a snowboard competition was a vaguely half pipe shaped ditch, a bunch of keen riders and a shitload of flouro one pieces. Nowadays, with events like London Freeze, the X games and the Olympics, snowboard competitions seem to have got serious. Rather than good times, friends and free beers, competitions seem to be more about TV rights, invited international riders and corporate sponsors.

NS Shredneck Jam - Board Test 2011

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; all the big events, marketing and seriousness means more people are exposed to snowboarding as well as more people being able to make a living out of something they love. But hey, snowboarding’s about more than big events, competitions and triple corks. It’s about shredding the living daylights out of some weird little feature with a bunch of other likeminded people, right?

This is exactly what was on the minds of a group of good-for-nothing UK snowboarding shrednecks. The combined brains of Never Summer Snowboards, The Reason, Blue Bird Wax and FBBB decided to say good bye to the serious side of competitions and say hello to the old school shred fests of yesteryear. Over a few beers and late night meetings in smokey, dim-lit cellars, The Shredneck Mini Ramp Jam was born.

The idea was simple, build a mini ramp with a spine in the middle out of snow, invite everyone who’s up for a laugh, and get rad in the sunshine. A mellow jam session all about fun, new features and perhaps the odd flip or two.

With all the snow in place, and after a brief period of shaping from the Never Summer and FBBB crews it became clear that due to the slushy conditions of Kaunertal in May, there wouldn’t be enough speed to make the mini ramp work properly. Whereas others might have given up and gone home, the shrednecks roped in former Olympian Dan Wakeham and metalhead Chris Chatt for a bit of consultation.

NS Shredneck Jam - Board Test 2011What was going to be a little mini ramp feature soon turned into a multi-hit mega feature with more possible lines than you could ever shake a true twin freestyle jib stick at. Riders had the choice of hitting a 10ft hip or a butterbox table top, with a spine and then a quarter pipe with bowled corners after it, both of which had multiple kickers and transitions into them.

Hand shaped with copious amounts of TLC by the shredneck crew, the “mini ramp” was less like a mini ramp and more like something straight out of the summer parks on Mt Hood. A truly original, fun feature that could be ridden by first time freestylers and seasoned pro’s alike. As riders gathered to session the shredneck beast, metal was blasted out of the stereo and photographers with more camera equipment than sense gathered to document the madness about to take place.

Things soon got underway and the feature ensured that riders could show their most original and creative side. Chris Chatt was taking it back to 1989 with handplant nose grabs over the hip, Tom Smithy Smith was stomping miller flips over the spine whilst Dan Wakeham was clearing the hip to the landing of the tabletop with huge backflips. There were tweaks a plenty over the hip, with Jonny Russell using his lobster claws to grab in ways previously thought only possible in the SSX snowboarding games. The girls were also getting creative with back 3s and steezed out slides on the spines coping from Kate Mccondichie and Helen Fox whilst Sophie Addison was throwing down double tail grabs all over the shop.

NS Shredneck Jam - Board Test 2011

One of the shredneck shaper crew, Olly Jackson, was blasting all kinds of frontside and backside spins into the quarter pipe from the set back hip kicker, but came a cropper after slipping out on a backflip. Lil Will Smith went for style over technicality with a couple of super boned grabs that would make the likes of Terje jealous and an anonymous Atomic shredder was stomping lazy, laid out backflips over the hip.

As tricks went down, prizes were thrown out for creativity, spontaneity and general radness rather than technicality. There wasn’t a first, second and third place podium, just a crowd of shredneck riders with big grins and knackered legs from all the hiking and riding! The session began to wind down as the thought of ice cold beers became more and more attractive due to the spring sun taking its toll on the “mini ramp”.

Tricks had been stomped, prizes had been thrown out and most importantly, heaps of fun had been had. From some of the top UK riders to first time freestyle rippers, everyone had been grinning from ear to ear all day long. The event had been a rocking success and there hadn’t been a double cork in sight. In a world where the international snowboard stage seems to obsessed with corporate sponsors, the Olympics and how many extra spins snowboarding robots can do in competitions, the shredneck mini ramp jam was a breath of fresh air.

Maybe the future of UK snowboarding lies with more events like it; events where the focus is on originality, creativity and fun rather than technicality, seriousness and sponsors. If there’s one thing the shredneck mini ramp jam highlighted it’s that uk rippers are original, creative and make the most out of what they have, and they definitely have a lot of fun doing it.

Massive props to Never Summer, FBBB, The Reason and Blue Bird Wax for making it happen!

Words by Rhys Crilley
Photos by Marcus Woodbridge

Scott Stevens Shredding Super Park 15

We just caught a glimpse of this little mini shred edit from Super Park 15 featuring Think Thank snowboarder Scott Stevens and we want to go snowboarding again! Due to his unique style, crazy capabilities and the way he makes snowboarding look super fun, Scott is one of our favourite snowboarders. Super Park tends to be one of the events where riders push the limits on massive features, but this video shows that you don’t need big kickers to have fun freestyling!

The Analog Party at the Snowboard Test 2011

The Analog Party at the Snowboard Test 2011

After a hard week of testing out all the lastest snowboards, boots and bindings. There’s only one way for the top UK riders to relax; by having a great big party. Who better to organize it than the lovely people at Analog Clothing, who decided on the theme of a right royal knees up to celebrate the recent royal wedding. The beats were provided by DC pro rider Seb Kern’s alter ego, DJ Socom and the free booze was dished out by the Analog crew all night long.

Things got off to a great start. Who doesn’t love free shots?!

The beer bong soon came out and Rome rider Angus Leith just couldnt say no.

If you could do double corks and had represented your country in the olympics, you’d probably want piggy backs from other, younger riders like Will Smith as well.

And If you’d been giving Dan Wakeham piggy backs all night you’d probably want to have a beer fight too.


Seb Kern was playing a banging set of underground party tunes.

And photographer James North was throwing shapes like he was possessed by the drunken spirit of Micheal Jackson.

Whilst other people weren’t having such a great time.

Even the GB freestyle team was feeling and looking a bit worse for wear towards the end of the night.

By the end of the night loads of free booze and free Analog gear had been given out, unfortunatley this was the closest I got to getting some sweet stash.

Oh well. Theres always next year!

If pictures speak a thousand words, then check out the gallery for a more detailed depiction of what went down…

Words and photos by Rhys Crilley

Round 1 of the Southern Freestyle Series

Round 1 of the Southern Freestyle Series

According to American preacher Harold Camping, the world was meant to end on May 21st 2011 and as people all over the world prepared for the impending apocalypse, a group of UK snowboarders had other plans. This dedicated bunch of keen folk decided to spend what could have been the last day on earth shredding rails, hitting kickers and winning prizes at the first round of the Southern Freestyle Series at Swadlincote Dryslope.

Riders from all over the UK descended to the perma snow slope where an array of kickers, boxes and rails awaited them before the rapture was due to begin. The set up had features for all abilities and the competition was to be run in a relaxed jam format with the top riders going through to the finals. The judges were ready, the sun was beating down, the music was pumping and after a mellow practice session riders were ready to get stuck into the competition.

There were a bazillion more skiers than snowboarders, which was a bit of a shame. I guess that kids start skiing with their parents and now that freeskiing is “cool” again, kids don’t feel the need to grab a shredstick and rebel against their folks by being the cool freestyler snowboarder kid. There was also an abundance of skinny jeans which was refreshing compared to the factory produced style of tall tees and baggy pants which seems to dominate the freeski world.

Anyway, that’s enough snowblade chat for one article. Despite it being hotter than hell, Doug Johnson was holding it down for the snowboarders, stomping his tricks with style and ease. Super tech tricks such as a backside nose slide tap 360 out on the gaspipe saw him qualify in first, representing for his Grindhouse brethren.

Riders were treated to a spot prize giveaway where some top quality stash from various sponsors was given to whoever could land the tricks the MC called out. There weren’t many big name UK shredders and the event was suited to all the up and coming supergroms where the focus was on progression and pushing yourself rather than serious competition.

The chilled vibe continued once the finalists had been announced. As riders were ready to drop in for their 2 runs it felt more like a session with friends rather than a serious competition. However, this didn’t stop the riders from holding back.

13 year old Becky Menday rode with her usual style and stomped all of her tricks including a huge frontside 180 off of the kicker to claim first in the girls category, leaving Sam Rogers and Melissa Brandner to settle for second and third respectively.

In the males snowboarding category Doug Johnson was unlucky to fall on both of his runs and was pipped to the podium by youngster Curtis Taylor Tipton who took third place. The youngest rider in the final, Tomski Robinson, rode with more style than most of his peers and walked away with second place. It was Jack Labbett who claimed gold after hammering down two solid runs which saw 270s on and off of most of the rails and a crowd pleasing frontflip over the kicker.

The event was a great success and saw loads of up and coming UK riders getting involved in the competition scene. The features at Swadlincote might be a million miles away from the hard pack groomers of the X games slopestyle parks, but everyone’s got to start somewhere right? The Southern Freestyle series is a great, chilled out introduction for younger riders to compete and gain a bit of competition experience, so if you fancy having a bit of fun and maybe winning some prizes then get on it!

Luckily fire and brimstone didn’t consume the earth in a fiery Armageddon, so get down to the next two events at Chatham on the 4th of June and at Bracknell on the 18th of June.

Big shout out to all the sponsors, the organisers and the crew at Swadlincote dryslope for making the first round happen despite the prospect of impending doom!

Words and photos by Rhys Crilley

The Whitelines Rail Jam at The Snowboard Test 2011

The Whitelines Rail Jam at The Snowboard Test 2011

There was a time when rail riding wasn’t considered as “real” snowboarding. Riders in hard boots and one pieces would laugh at the idea of a bunch of kids in baggy trousers and tall tees riding short boards down handrails. Thankfully things have changed, and rail riding is now a massive part of snowboarding. Riders who only ride rails have pro models, every snowpark worth its salt on the planet has rails, and now rail jams are a more common occurrence than slalom and halfpipe events.

Whitelines Rail Jam - The Snow Board Test 2011

The latest rail jam on the UK calendar was the Whitelines Rail Jam which took place at the UK snowboard test in Kaunertal, Austria. The lovely people at Whitelines Magazine, FBBB, Lib Tech, Quiksilver and Gnu teamed up to put on a shredtastic rail jam for some of the UKs top talent.

Riders had the choice of hitting either an 18ft down rail, an 18ft donkey dick rail or a pole jam and the comp would be an open jam session where the top 8 riders would go through to the final. As riders started dropping in there was an atmosphere of merriment which might have had something to do with the free beer and food being handed out at the start.

Whitelines Rail Jam - The Snow Board Test 2011

Banging tunes and encouraging words from MC Mikee Cee added to the atmosphere and riders soon let loose on the rails. From the outset up and coming UK ripper Rowan Coultas was standing out from the crowd, and at half the age of most of his peers, Rowan was stomping his tricks with style and aplomb that made everyone take notice.

I’ve got to admit that due to one too many free beers, I cant quite remember who got through to the top 8, or even who came first, second and third. Not that this really gets in the way of everything and instead I present you with the results of the Whitelines Rail Jam as judged by Rhys Crilley looking at photos and footage of the event almost a week after it happened.

Westbeach rider Andy Nudds probably did well, powering through his tricks with ease. Cas local and Lobster Team rider Jonny Russell also probably did well as he was stomping all kinds of 270 on and off. All of the girls also killed it, riding the rail with as much, if not more style than all of the guys.

Back from a season in Bear mountain, Ollie Dutton was getting steezy on the down rail and representing for the Grindhouse crew. Tam local Matt Higson showed everyone what years of dome riding can do for your rail skills as did Gazza Andrews who was getting all kinds of rad.

If you care about the results then head over to where there should be a proper write up, video etc in a couple of days. But if you don’t and you don’t mind me using a bit of artistic licence to bring you the results (read: make all of them up) then here you go. I’ve even justified each answer!

  1. Rowan Coultas – he’s 13 and he absolutely killed it!
  2. Jonny Russell – awesome combo of tech, style and creativity
  3. Chris Chatt – the only result I can actually remember
  4. All of the Girls – all of em got super rad
  5. Andy Nudds – got some great photos of him
  6. Gazza Andrews – had a nice pink jumper on, only a couple of guys can pull off pink and Gazza did it well
  7. Matt Higson – also had a nice jumper on, but not quite as nice as Gazza’s
  8. Everyone who actually got into the finals – great work guys, I’m sure you all deserved it

And there you have it. An awesome display of rail riding which showed what UK shredders are best at: riding rails, drinking beers and eating free food. Unfortunately the same combination proved toxic for myself and in all the excitement of watching, taking photos of and filming some of the best UK riders I failed to take note of most, if not all of the important things you might want to know. Sorry, I’ll buy a notepad for next time and wont drink as many free beers, but in the meantime why not just enjoy the pictures? Its not like anyone actually reads anything on the internet these days anyway.

Big props to Whitelines Magazine, FBBB, Lib Tech, Quiksilver and Gnu for making it happen!

Words: Rhys Crilley
Photos: Marcus Woodbridge

2011 / 2012 Snowboard Graphics

2011 / 2012 Snowboard Graphics

Whilst visiting the Snowboard Test in Austria we took the time the snap some shots of the upcoming 2011 / 2012 snowboard season board graphics from some of the biggest brands that hit the Uk shelves. Images from brands such as Never Summer, Ride, DC, Rome, Capita, Nitro, GNU, Bataleon and more!