Master of the Hill 2011

Master of the Hill 2011

Master of the Hill 2011PARTY
During the contest the best Polish and abroad riders will compete! We guarantee the most spectacular event, valuable prizes and great fun for riders and fans!
This contest is a great opportunity to compete with the best riders, but also to learn to ride mountainboard and discover its limitless abilities.
The whole slope will be open not only for the contestants, but also for all riders who will want to ride the board without taking part in the competition.
Near the lower station of the chair lift there is the RH-Sport mountainboard rental where you can rent a board and buy a lesson with a professional instructor.
Everyone can enter the contest, but riders under 18 are obliged to have parent or guardian’s permission in writing.

All the contestants will be able to compete in three different events and classifications.

DownHill preliminaries, with three time-measured rides on shorter part of the slope from which ten the fastest riders go to the DownHill Final.

DownHill Final, ten the fastest contestants ride down the 1300 metres long slope. It is the main and the most spectacular event of the contest, showing speed and technical skills of the contestants as well as technical abilities of the equipment in difficult terrain.

FreeStyle, jumps on a specially prepared jump. Judges will give points for style, difficulty of the jump and its height. Very spectacular event where contestants make tricks in the air similar to those during the snowboard contests in winter.

Best Trick, event for the best jump of the contest.


Bialka Tatrzanska is located about 100 km from Cracow.
The contest is going to take place on Kotelnica slope in Bialka Tatrzanska. The slope is regularly mowed. Kotelnica is a gentle, wide and well-prepared ski slope that is a perfect place for mountainboard riders of all levels of advancement.
The slope has a chair lift (3 people per chair) 1380 m long. Cost of a single pass* is around 5 PLN.
* – cost of a sports pass (person together with a mountainboard/bike).
There are toilets in upper and lower station of the chair lift. In upper station there is a restaurant where you can eat meals and at the same time enjoy panorama of the mountains.


Address of the contest:
Srodkowa Street 181B
34-405 Bialka Tatrzanska

You can get to the contest by a car or bus.
The nearest airport: Cracow
The best route from airport by train:Cracow- Zakopane and then by bus from Zakopane to Bialka Tatrzanska


During the contest (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) we have booked accommodation places in Bialka Tatrzanska. Contestants and other riders/fans pay 25 PLN per night. The boarding house has a canteen where the meals will be served: breakfast 10 PLN and dinner 15 PLN. Meals should be booked in advance (preferably on the day of arrival).
If you inform in advance the owners of the boarding house, you can sleep in a tent for free.
While booking please inform the owners that the booking concerns mountainboard contest and let them know whether you book the meals as well.

Contact the boarding house
Malgorzata Kompyrda
Kaniowka Street 11A
34-405 Bialka Tatrzanska

To book accommodation:
After Party will take place in the boarding house.


In Bialka Tatrzanska there are a lot of places where you can eat. They are all located along the main street.
We highly recommend meals in the boarding house which has its own canteen downstairs. Delicious meals are available in the following prices: breakfast 10 PLN, dinner 15 PLN. You need to order the meals in advance.
Additionally, at upper station of the chair lift on Kotelnica ski slope there is a restaurant where you can eat meals enjoying the panorama of the mountains.
In the main street of Bialka Tatrzanska there is a supermarket where you can do the shopping. Apart from that there are many smaller shops.


All the contestants will be able to compete in three different events and classifications.

DownHill preliminaries, with three time-measured rides on shorter part of the slope from which ten the fastest riders go to the DownHill Final.

DownHill Final, ten the fastest contestants ride down the 1300 metres long slope. It is the main and the most spectacular event of the contest, showing speed and technical skills of the contestants as well as technical abilities of the equipment in difficult terrain.

FreeStyle, jumps on a specially prepared jump. Judges will give points for style, difficulty of the jump and its height. Very spectacular event where contestants make tricks in the air similar to those during the snowboard contests in winter.

Best Trick, event for the best jump of the contest.


In order to register you will need a valid ID with a photo. Riders under 18 need to be registered by their parent or guardian who will also need a valid ID with a photo. Registration fee: 50 PLN.
The registration fee includes starting number (a rider can try his capabilities in all events during the contest), Master of the Hill T-shirt, water and grilled food.
The registration fee is only one no matter in how many events a rider wants to take part.
The registration fee does not include the chair lift passes (5 PLN a single sports pass).
Free entrance for the audience.


The first three places will be rewarded in categories and events as follows:
-DOWNHILL OPEN (everyone can enter this event)
-FREESTYLE OPEN (everyone can enter this event)
and the first place in the event of:
-BEST TRICK OPEN (everyone can enter this event)

Additionally the contestant who wins the DOWNHILL OPEN gets the Master of the Hill 2011 title together with the flag of the contest which accompanies contestants from the very beginning of the contest as well as a unique statuette prepared especially for the contest.


Friday, 5th August 2011 (Bialka Tatrzanska, Kotelnica slope).
10:00- 18:00 getting to know the slope, contestants’ trainings

Saturday, 6th August 2011 (Bialka Tatrzanska, Kotelnica slope).
09.00 – 10.00 Registration of the contestants (lower station of the chair lift)
10:00 – 13:00 DownHill contest preliminaries
13:00 – 14:00 Break
14.00 – 15:00 DownHill Final
15:30 – 16:00 FreeStyle Warm-up
16:00 – 16:30 FreeStyle Contest
16:30 – 17:00 Best Trick Contest
17.15 – 17.30 Results and prizes
20:00- –:– After Party for the contestants and guests

Attention: Some organizational changes may occur during the contest.

Sunday, 7th August 2011, (Bialka Tatrzanska, Kotelnica slope).
11:00 – 15:00 filming the rides and tricks for all eager to star in the video

Click, to see a unique statuette …
Click, to see a poster …
Click to see a t-shirt’s front …
Click to see a t-shirt’s back …

Please visit to see films and photos.

We invite you all!


BFC Cream Teas and Jam Round 1 @ Knockhill MBC

BFC Cream Teas and Jam Round 1 @ Knockhill MBC

The first round of the 2011 BFC Cream Teas and Jam Mountainboard Freestyle Championship is being held at Knockhill Mountainboard Centre on Saturday the 23rd of July.

Now in its third year, the event sees mountainboarders from all over the world competing for prizes by performing inverts, spins and slides on specially designed features such as 20ft dirt jumps, rails and quarter-pipes.

As well as a competition for professional riders from afar afield as Australia and the USA, the event is also set to host fun competitions for local riders. Knockhill Mountainboard Centre owner and instructor Roger Thurston commented; “Cream Teas and Jam is a great event that places the emphasis on fun and games. It’s one of the only events where local riders get to ride with the pros and pick up some tips on how to do tricks like backflips and 720 spins!”.

Last years champion, MBS pro rider Nicky Geerse from Holland is set to return to compete for the title. Nicky commented “Cream Teas and Jam is one of the best mountainboard event series in the world; the atmosphere is always great and everyone always has a laugh. The local riders always show a really high standard and progress loads as the day goes on”.

The event is due to start at 12 noon on Saturday the 23rd of July and is free for spectators to attend. For more information on mountainboarding and Knockhill Mountainboard Centre check out

Cream Teas and Jam is supported by Knockhill Mountainboard Centre,, MBS Mountainboards, ATBShop,, and

For more information about the BFC Cream Teas and Jam Freestyle Series check out

Summer Sessions at Bugsboarding

Summer Sessions at Bugsboarding

Anyone is who is into mountainboarding needs to be at this event. All the top riders will be present and there will be loads of prizes available. It is bound to be a great weekend. Bugs will have 2-3 new features all designed and built by Bugs and the crews involved, judged by the crews on mini comp basis, freebies, spot prizes and loads of pissing about. Hopefully have a marquee and indoor skate ramp set up for the evening with tunes and fire pit as always. Focusing on fun, filming and photos! What films are made can be entered into the ATB Junkies Film Fest on the 10th/11th September at Bugsboarding with more new additions going into the park for that event so again a weekend well worth attending.

Prices are the usual £25 for the weekend riding and camping,couple of quid entry to each mini comp with money going into prize pot.
Other pricing please contact Bugs or check out the website for usual pricing at

Summer Sessions at Bugsboarding

Trampa Superstar Hubs

Trampa Superstar Hubs

Introducing TRAMPA’s new SUPERSTAR hub;

Created for those who insist on fitting only the strongest, lightest and sexiest of equipment to their boards, this beautiful and technically designed Dupont plastic split rim, clamped together with 5 prong Alloy spokes, creates what we believe to be the ultimate 41/2 inch hub.

Trampa SuperStar HubsAvailable in loads of different surface finishes and coloured spoke combinations you can purchase SUPERSTAR hubs in any combination you like…
Containing just 15% glass fiber and made from the finest DUPONT nylon/plastic materials, the natural matt surface of the rim is striking to the eye and the obvious choice for the weight conscious rider!

Constructed (as expected from TRAMPA) using only the finest fixings available. All TRAMPA parts including these hubs are constructed using Marine grade Stainless steel which has been brushed with Blue bolt paste to ensure the strongest of fixings. All nuts used also have a Nylock sleeve to ensure double quality and secure fixing!

Trampa Blue BearingsThe Trampa REDs/BLUEs (Trampa’s own ABEC 5 Bearings) fit perfectly to the allow the hub the fastest spin rate available.

The SUPERSTAR hub will fit to ALL trucks on the market. There are conversion spacers available to make them work on 10mm axles (see associated parts for details) and we are currently working on making the correct sized axle spacers to allow these hubs to be fitted to the likes of MBS Matrix, Scrub Channel and most other common brands available

Due to the technical design of these hubs the finished product has ended up being exceptionally strong, this extra strength allows the rider to inflate their tires beyond normal recommended pressure’s and increasing the top end roll in speeds. We shouldn’t go recommending that you go over inflating your tires but if you are ever going to do it you will be safe in the knowledge that these hubs can handle the pressure that other hubs can’t. During testing it was common for Trampa Team riders to inflate as high as 100psi!

Jack Elston British champion Trampaboards rider:

I’ve ridden these hubs ever since they came out, I’ve always wanted a wheal that looked sick, was strong and lightweight, Trampaboards came up the that answer… the Super Starr hub. Any one that knows me will know that I used to always break wheals but I’m yet to break these bad boys and am still riding on the same set 2 years on.

For more info on the Super Starr hubs along with info on all the other new Trampa products visit

Trampa Holey Triple Seven Pro

Trampa Holey Triple Seven Pro

Trampa Holy Triple Seven ProThe team at Bugsboarding Mountainboard Centre got hold of a new Trampa Holey Triple Seven Pro – the top of the range mountainboard from Trampa and took it for a test ride. Here are their thoughts:

Trampa have been on the circuit now for a fair few years and the boards have been well received. After meeting up with Ted Orr the company owner and chief everything he gave me a new development to try out and review for the mag.

The board came to me in a box of bits (Trampa components are usually built when ordered), so I went to the shed and got the tools out for the job and quickly got to grips with putting the board together. Now for someone who has not done this before its not the most straight forward task but after a while you can soon work it out.This is generally the same for all brands of boards when in bits so adult supervision is required.

It didn’t take long before the board was ready to ride, one thing I noticed about the components when building the board is the quality was a very high standard and everything went together really easily and fitted well. The tolerances are spot on which makes things a pleasure to take apart and put back together when needed. There is also a lot of nice detail and logos on the components except the deck – which is not a problem as there are a load of vinyls to stick on where you like for that personal touch.

Trampa Holey Triple Seven ProThis board has a very different look and stands out in the crowd – and with Trampa being Trampa you have an almost unlimited choice of colours to mix and match should you want to be any different from the guy next door.

The Triple Seven Pro came with a choice of Trampa Dampers of which I chose green for the test ride at Bugsboarding. As soon as I arrived with the board there where a few smiling faces and helmets going on – everyone wanted a try on this board. Stepping on for the first time the board feels solid,the deck is slightly shorter than what I am used to riding and felt nice and stiff underfoot and it took everything in its stride as you would expect.The trucks are precise,the bindings are comfortable and the Trampa tyres give a good grip on grass and dirt.

The ends of the board felt extremely light with the new titanium trucks which gave a really nice feel for jibbing about on, they also look pretty darn cool from above with the deck being cut out above the trucks and a see through look being achieved. Apart from looking cool the cut outs save weight and so do the holes under foot.In fact this board is one of the lightest in adult boards on Trampa’s range.

All in all this board is very high quality, light, looks good and comes at a very reasonable price when you look into what your getting for your money, with heel straps included, juicy titanium king pins and truck axles, crazy cut outs and funky colours available what more could you ask for.

Trampa Holey Triple Seven ProWhile at Bugs the rest of the crew also had more than a few goes on the board and here are a few of their comments….

”The board is really easy to do spins, it feels heavy at first but due to the holes and light weight trucks it actually feels really light when riding it. Theres no graphics so would really like to see some funky options of stick on ones from Trampa, I really like this board and would recommend anyone with the money to buy it….now”.

” Feels heavy when you first pick it up but when you step in it feels super light, all components feel super sturdy and sound. Overall looks are great with a clean feel to them, its up to you to cover it in stickers and do you own graphics to personalise it”.

”Cool shape, like the look with the holes in it.The blank deck is cool if your a sticker it up person but i would like to see some graphics if poss. The super light weight trucks work well with the poppy deck and steep tip angle,making it smooth to carve, easy to spin and stable to jib about on. All in all a super sweet, gnarly, cool, radical board”.

Trampa Holey Triple Seven ProTech Spec – What Trampa say:

  • VerTigo Trucks with the latest 10mm titanium axles 750grams each
  • White Gloss Hypa Wheels and Trampa Treads tyres
  • Mint Ratchet Bindings with Heel straps
  • And of course the 35 degree Holey pro deck

The Holey pro is a very special 35 degree long Trampa deck which has been slimmed, shaped and slightly shortened in overall length making it 20% lighter than its original and slightly bigger brother. Due to the immense strength of a Trampa deck we have been able to cut oval holes (very difficult to replicate at home), into the foot stance area and a very unique “frog mouth” shaped hole around the base plate mounting area.

The deck has also been cut “off set”. This means there is a larger radius cut into the length of the toe side of the deck compared to just a small radius on the heel side. This has been specifically done too help encourage more difficult “toe side turns”. By making these changes to the deck not only reduces the weight by 20% and allows the deck to steer easier, but also makes the deck very pimp looking and uniquely allows the rider to be able to look through their board to see the inner workings of their Beautiful VerTigo truck. Unique!

The VerTigo Truck (the capital T in VerTigo shows the trucks have Titanium) has the finest grade 10mm titanium axles mounted into the precision drilled CNC hanger. The hanger is then sent to be polished, powder coated and then CNC’d, precision base plate using another rod of sexy titanium, this time in the form of a tiny 6mm kingpin. To gain accurate and fluid steering when riding, detailed and precise construction is required. To help achieve this the “Kingpin” is housed within standard plastic bushings which are the highest quality known with the smoothest and frictionless of surfaces to keep steering running sweet. These plastic bushings are available in a variety of sizes with just 0.5mm base difference between them, which during precision construction allows us to pack out any tiny gaps and avoid any inevitable tolerance issues experienced in engineering, giving you the strongest and most precisely constructed, smooth steering system.

The springs are available in a variety of colours but there is no performance difference between them. However the colour difference between the Trampa Dampa’s, the special elastomer which sits inside of the spring and supports the different individual weights of the riders indicates a different compound used resulting in a different steering resistance allowing the rider to custom tune the performance of their steering relative to their weight, ability and personal preference.

In order to get the best performance out of the unique shape of the Trampa Dampa (3 balls stacked on top of each other) meant that a specially shaped “spring retainer” would need to be made and now the Trampa Dampa sits perfectly within its housing taking up any slack when inserted into the truck ready to respond to the slightest of movements when riding. Too accompany this detail change the length and material used of the “spring adjuster” was considered and then altered, and when all the parts are assembled together gives the most stylish smoothest problem free sprung chanel truck steering system ever made!

This incredibly light setup is complimented with Trampa’s own ABEC 5 rated “Reds” bearings and constructed using marine Grade Stainless steel fixings all of which are coated with locking paste and Nylock lock system to give double strength security when out riding. Recomended inflation pressure 50psi but its known that riders are putting upto 80 psi and having no problems at all.The Hypa hubs are without doubt the strongest and lightest plastic hub on the market.

So to round it up – yes this is a very good board and the impressive Trampa brand are certainly pushing the boundaries of the R&D and coming up trumps with the final product, good work Trampa.

To find out more about this board or any other boards that they have to offer then take a look at the super techy (just like the boards) website at it will be well worth it.

MBS Launch FX Pro II Heelstraps

MBS Launch FX Pro II Heelstraps

Finally MBS have updated their heelstraps to match the F4 binding range. The new heelstraps are more than just a change of graphic though. They now feature dual ladder straps allowing you to centre the heelstrap and get it set up just right. There is also more padding than the previous model. Like the F4 bindings there are built in ladder strap tunnels to keep them tucked away and looking tidy. These will be hitting Europe at the end of May!

ATBA-UK Announce the Team Challenge 2011

ATBA-UK Announce the Team Challenge 2011

The ATBA-UK Team Challenge pits teams against each other throughout the International Series to see which team is the best!

This years Team Challenge has two categories to create a bit more friendly competition. Teams that draw their riders from all over the country can enter the National Category, while those teams who all come from the same region will be in the Regions Category.

The Entry Form can be downloaded and brought with you to Round 1.

So, how does it work?
Teams can have up to ten riders, all of whom must be on the Team Challenge Entry Form when the team is entered into the Team Challenge at Round 1.
Team Riders can be from any competitive category (Pro, Am Senior, Am Junior, Am Ladies, Am Masters, or Novice).
Teams can designate which riders they want to score points for the team.
If no riders are designated, the five top scoring riders will automatically be counted.
At the end of the season the team with most points scored in freestyle will be Fresstyle Champions, the team with the most points scored in boarderX will be BoarderX Champions, the the team with the most points in both disciples will be Overall Champions.

Ride the Hill’s Big Weekend 2011

Ride the Hill’s Big Weekend 2011

On Saturday the 16th and Sunday 17th April 2011 Mountainboarders from across the continent descended upon Ride the Hill’s XBP Mountainboard Centre in Redhill, Surrey for the first annual BIG Weekend, a two day Mountainboard Fest designed to give riders a friendly, yet competitive start to the 2011 season. Featuring the 3rd RTH Vert Jam on the Saturday and the first of a kind event called the “Great Descent” on the Sunday, the weekend looked promising from the start, all we needed to finish the job were a bunch of Summer-happy shredders!

The Friday night saw a small tester session on the all new SUPER-X at XBP to check it was spot on for the comp, once tested and adjusted for the event, all riders made their way over to the Foam Pit, were we had a chance to lay out some final practices on our big tricks, ready for the weekend’s events. Then, out of nowhere emerged to very tanned Spaniards named Flavio and Qbo, these guys had just got to us from Barcelona, so, after a round of introductions, they set their tents up, went for a quick ride as the sun was setting and then grabbed a well earned beverage to finish their day of travels!

Saturday morning at 7am saw the arrival of MBS Europe Pro Rider Nicky “Stirrups” Geerse, who had just arrived from Holland and was eager as a beaver for some wheelie-board action. After feeding the hungry Dutchman, we made our way back to the realms of XBP, and what a sight to see! The Sun was shining, the grass was cut, the hill rolled and not a cloud to see in the sky, bliss for any event organiser! After waking up the sleepy Spaniards, we got to work, still plenty to do out there before kick off, not least registering all the riders to come. I was then pleased to greet both Sam Nicholas and Mike Payne from TRAMPA, who had come down to promote the new TRAMPA gear and show their support for the start of the 2011 season. We were also happy to see the girls from Redbull turn-up with bundles of products for the riders, just what they would need for the day ahead! Roll on the riders!

The Vert Jam started at 2pm on the Saturday, by this time all the riders had registered and had had a chance to practice on the features that would be included in the Jam. The Vert Jam is split into 4 Zones and is rider judged on each zone, after each zone. Each rider casts votes for their top 5 riders of that zone and when all added up, this give a Zone winner and an Overall Winner, over previous years the Vert Jam has been hosted by our friends at the BFC, but after a tasty injury for one key members of the clan and others away on other business, it was time for RTH Team riders to step up to the role of Hosts. By this time, unfortunately we had to send the Favourite for the Jam, Nicky, to hospital to get his head and face checked after slamming from a MA-HOO-SIVE Rodeo Truck Driver over the new XBP Kicker, appropriately called the “Booty Kicker”, props to Nicky’s main competition and last years winner, Gary Crowhurst for kindly taking Nicky to hospital and missing the Jam, legend!

Zone 1 was a session on the Quarterpipe and Boxes above it. This saw riders like Alan Newman, Sam Nicholas and Rory Mundell-Perkins really step it up. Alan was boasting some massive airs out of the top, arguably the biggest of the day and some sweet Rock Fakies on the coping. Sam handed us the goodies with an inverted 360 hand-planted spin and a straight out backflip on the ramp. We also were treated to some sweet rail-action from both Rory and Clive Galway, who both successfully BS Boardslided the 30ft White Gas Tube from start to finish, impressive action for even the best riders! After 30 long minutes of the riders going at it, the hosts, RTH Team riders Alan Newman and Ieuan Jehu decided to call the end of Zone 1, collect the votes from the riders and move onto Zone 2, the Tyres, Vert Wall and Spines.

This is where we started to see the riders really settle into the heat and the riding atmosphere and push themselves accordingly. We saw some awesome action in this Zone, including Switch Rock Rolls from Toney Newsome, BS 360’s out of the Vert Wall by Alan Newman, Tyre Tap 540’s from Sam Nicholas, Badass BS 180 Melons from Rory and arguably the trick of the day, Ieaun’s BS 5-0 Fakie on the coping of the Vert Wall, sweet moves for a silver surfer! Props also to Osca Vinall for his smooth-as-you-like Nose Grind Tailgrabs and to Qbo from Spain for his 360 Fastplant on the Spine! Zone 2 done, t was time for Zone 3, the Jib-a-thon!

For this session, riders were presented with all the features on the XBP Red Run and could re-arrange them as they wanted to show their gnarlyness! After creating an up-box slider, Rory, Clive, Qbo and Jordan Van Huis all promptly stamped their mark on the Zone with smooth Boardlsides all the way up the box, but Qbo really pushed out with the most stylish BS 180 Mute Tailpoke from 50/50 of the day. Rory then gave everyone a masterclass in riding rails with some sweet FS Smith’s and 270 to FS Boardslides on the single rail……..sickhead. Hosts Alan and Ieuan then created a manual pad box sitting 4ft up in the air, so no standard manual pad! Most riders enjoyed this with nose taps, single tyre taps and MJ’s, but host Ieuan owned this feature with a fully extended manual along the pad for all to see. Props to Clive (EvilC) for this session, not once ever has one single rider taken such a beating, time after time and got back up for more with a beaming smile on his face, it really is a surprise that he didn’t fall apart, Clive, you are a hero to us all!

The last Zone was Zone 4, the Big Air comp. This Zone had also seen the return of a very swollen and bruised Nicky, who, apart from some bruising and stitches was otherwise fine, just a bit sore and along with Nicky returned Gary, who got straight on his board and showed us all why he is one of the best boarders on the scene with the sweetest Virgin Front Flip (Front flip as his first run of the day). Zone 4 mainly featured tomfoolery from Jonny Wheeler, Clive, Osca Vinall, Haredown Rider Abbie Carter, Qbo, Flavio, Gary, RTH Rider Rob Dryburgh and Rory. All the riders went sick. We saw Jonny lay the first flip, what a grom rider! Qbo , Abbie, and Rory spinning like a carousel and Gary going huge with just about everything he does! Smooth moves were also seen by Clive, Ieuan and Flavio, with a variety of grabs, tweaks and pokes to keep the crowd happy! Props to Flavio for his super slick Vertical Nosegrabs and big props to Osca Vinall and Aiden Beamish for growing a pair and doing huge backflips, stamping it down the very first time……. that guys, is how babies are made! Unfortunately we did have to attend to a bump on the shoulder for Abbie C, but, apart from some bruises, she was fine, not bad seeing as she was going for BS 5’s, go on girl! She certainly has a few more guys fancy her now!

After a long, hard days riding, all the riders retired to the bottom of the hill for a BBQ and some beers (for those who could!), and what an evening we had to go with it, sunset at 9pm and plenty of wood for the fire, just needed some massage girls for the riders! There was a bit of an after-session in the Foam Pit for those that still had any juice left, but after a while even RTH Riders Andy P and Chris Wilkins had had enough for the day too, bring on the beers, music, banter and ultimately bed!
Sunday morning broke and Mr Sunshine had come back to play for another day! Day 2 was the very first time the Great Descent had been run in Mountainboarding. The Great Descent was a concept that has been used in Snowsports for many years. RTH Owner Andy Packer and XBP Centre Manager, Ant Shrimpton had envisioned creating a similar event for Mountainboarding. Essentially all riders get 90 seconds to descend the hill, they ride against at least 3 other riders at the same time and are ranked separately for Speed, Style, Technical Difficulty and Creativity at the end of each round you add together your separate scores to get an overall score, the two top riders of each race go through. By the end of the comp, the winner would have demonstrated 4-5 different runs down the hill with all sorts of tricks chucked in for joys!

Due to the combined efforts of the heat, the night before and the Vert Jam, a few of the riders had pulled out, thinking the wiser of crashing in the heat! The main of the riders included Vert Jam hosts and RTH Riders Ieuan and Alan, RTH Riders Ryan Roberts and Andy Packer, Spaniards Qbo and Flavio, TRAMPA rider Sam Nicholas, a newly recovered MBS Europe Rider, Nicky Geerse, and a whole load of local XBP grom-shredders.

Round 1 was a 2 round race, giving all riders the chance to redeem their first round crashes if needed, so everyone had a fair chance at progressing through to the next round. Rounds 2 and onwards were single heat rounds, with immediate knockout for the two riders that didn’t pull the scores, so the pressure was on!

As organisers, we were really concerned that such a new concept of event simply wouldn’t work within our sport, but boy were we wrong! We saw stylish runs, technical runs, creative runs and absolutely mental runs! Some of the pre-final highlights included Sam Nicholas’ Backflip Indy over the Booty Kicker, Nicky G’s super sized FS 720’s over the Booty Kicker, Qbo’s slick BS 360 Melons over the Salmon Hip, Will Wright literally straight lining the Slopestyle course, Andy Packer Frontflippin’ into the Monster Berm of the Super-X and flipping the last tabletop of the Super-X and Ieuan Jehu Rock Fakie-ing the Wallride.

The Great Descent Final featured MBS Europe Pro Nicky Geerse, TRAMPA Pro Sam Nicholas, XBP Local rider Adam Studholme, RTH Rider Ieuan Jehu and Qbo the Spaniard, this was going to be good! As opposed to the other rounds, the final is rider judged, with all riders that have been knocked out casting votes for the winner. After a mental run down the hill, and Big Spins from Nicky, Backers from Sam, Style from Qbo and speed from Adam, it was a really hard race to vote on! That said, of course the votes gave us a 3 way tie for first place! So, with no further ado, it was back to the top for Qbo, Adam and Nicky to battle it out for first place. After starting the race we saw Nicky take a new line and hit the infamous TRAMPA Ramp, puliing a Tuck-Knee Indy about 20ft up in the air, sick! We saw Adam 50/50 the Rainbow Rail then straight line the rest of the course and finish the race first and Qbo laid out the style with some gnarly hip transfers and rotations. With the race finished, it was a show of hands for the winner……. Qbo was elected winner with 11 votes, Adam came second with 9 votes and Nicky 3rd with 8 votes, this left Ieuan Jehu finishing in 4th and Sam Nicholas in 5th.

With the event finished and all energy reserves exhausted, the riders called it a day and started to go on their merry ways back home. What a weekend! Banging weather, gnarly riding and some big ass tricks, every single rider pushed them self and every rider achieved something they wouldn’t imagine, being part of the start of one of the greatest years for Mountainboarding in the U.K.
Big shout out to Qbo, Flavio and Nicky for getting to us, you guys are amazing and are welcome back anytime. Big shouts to Alan and Ieuan for hosting the Vert Jam, you did RTH proud boys! Big shout out to both Ant Shrimpton and Toney Newsome for all your hard work getting the place ready for the weekend, it looked the nuts! And big shouts to every rider who rode hard, crashed hard and laughed hard, we wanted this weekend to be the best it could and thanks to all of you that turned up to watch or ride, it wasn’t just the best it could be…………. IT WAS BIG!!!


The RTH Vert Jam 2011 –
Zone 1 Winner – Rory Mundell-Perkins
Zone 2 Winner – Ieuan Jehu
Zone 3 Winner – Rory Mundell-Perkins
Zone 4 Winner – Aiden Beamish
Under 16’s & Girls Overall Winner – Nick Cook
Under 25’s Overall Winner – Rory Mundell-Perkins
Over 25’s Overall Winner – Qbo
Overall Vert Jam Winner – Rory Mundell-Perkins
Most Hardcore Rider – Clive Galway
Best Lil’ Shredder – Jonny Wheeler

The RTH Great Descent 2011 –
Under 16’s & Girls winner – Adam Studholme
Under 25’s Winner – Nicky Geerse
Over 25’s Winner – Qbo
Overall Great Descent Winner – Qbo

Words by Andy Packer , RTH Owner and Team Manager

BFC Announce Cream Teas and Jam 2011 dates

BFC Announce Cream Teas and Jam 2011 dates

For the last few years Rhys and the rest of the gang who form the BFC (a mountainboard collective) have been running a series of mountainboard events. The events follow a jam style format where the riders vote on the winners. The events tend to focus on a few specific features at each event. These can be anything from a jump, a wall ride or a quarter pipe. Style and originality are as important and technical difficulty. The centres selected for the events are known for their local scene and progressive riding features.

Locations and Dates:
Knockhill MBC – 23rd July
Surf the Turf – Date TBC
Bugs Boarding – 10th September

Sponsors and more details will be announced shortly!

Cream Teas and Jam 2011