MBS Mountainboards Announce New Range!

MBS Mountainboards Announce New Range!

A load of new images have been released in the last couple days of an all new MBS Mountainboards range including some new components. The most exciting will be the Matrix II trucks (+ Matrix II Pro which have hollowed axles), and the F5 bindings which feature dual ladder straps to help make the binding fit smaller feet and less bulky shoes.

More details coming soon! For now here are some images of the new product. The product is due to land in September!

Return of the Heavy Doody

Return of the Heavy Doody

It has been a long while since the once highly popular HillBilly wrist guard gloves have been available and they have just rocked back into the UK this week! These are a fantastic product for use downhill boarding. They feature a hard plastic splint for good wrist support and a flexible fit. They are available in a half finger and full finger design so it is your decision whether you would like to shred cloth or skin!

For more information check out the link below.

Available at Island Board Shop

Hillybilly Half Finger Gloves

Hillybilly Full Finger Gloves


The Freesports Park at Bestival

The Freesports Park at Bestival

The freesports park is one of the most exciting things to hit festivals in recent years. The displays see some of the worlds best *deep breath now* mountainboarders, mountain bikers, skateboarders, inliners, climbers, trials bikers and free runners performing in front of thousands of people. Check out the video by Theo Acworth and come see us at Camp Bestival this summer!

Giving Birth to RAD Mag! Full Length Mountainboard Video

Giving Birth to RAD Mag! Full Length Mountainboard Video

The guys at ATC Productions and Project Doc have combined forces and made what has to be the best full length mountainboard video in years. Featuring the likes of Tom Kirkman, Mick Kirkman, Joe Dickson, Tuai Lovejoy, Dylan Warren and Andy Milkenovich, “giving birth to the RAD mag” follows the worlds best mountainboarders around Europe for one hell of a road trip.

Tanks, fireworks, frontboards down gnarly handrails, pierced ears, a swimming pool, corked 720’s, shit in the woods, backflips and deers; this video has it all. So what are you waiting for? Stop reading this and click PLAY, you’re about to witness the birth of something very, very special…

An Interview with Jack Johnston – Board Sport Filmer and Editor

An Interview with Jack Johnston – Board Sport Filmer and Editor

Jack Johnston has been making board sport videos since he was a young teenager. Starting out filming mountainboard videos in his mate’s field, Jack went on to film, edit, direct and produce the two largest mountainboard DVDs ever made. Nowadays, you’ll find him filming some of the top snowboarders in the world at various events when he’s not working for a professional production company.

Jack has recently been travelling to various snowboarding events in Europe and has filmed with the likes of international pro riders such as Hampus Moesson, Tyler Chorlton, Tobi Straus and Peter Konig. He’s also filmed some of the best UK riders like Jamie Nicholls, Billy Morgan, Nelson Pratt and Angus Leith. Rumour also has it that his footage of up and coming rail destroyer Denis Leontyev might find its way onto the next Forum video. Board-Mag.com caught up with him to find out what it takes for filmmakers to kick start a career in the world of board sport filmmaking!

Hey Jack, how’s tricks?
Hang on, Let me get a hob-nob.

What flavour?
Chocolate obviously! Anyway, I’m not bad thanks, apart from my front door key snapping off in the lock this morning….fun day!

Nightmare! Did you make it to work on time?
Nope! I had to call in late and fork out my last £70 on getting it half fixed.

That sucks. At least you can afford it now you have a sweet job! But before we get into that, let’s talk about how you got into film making. How old were you when you made your first film?
Lets see, I must have been around 13 or 14 when I was first getting into mountainboarding, I was lucky to have a good group of friends and we all started riding together. I had a really old camera that was my Grandads and I started to film us building ramps out of old doors and stacking all over the place!

Ah cool, so when did you start to take it seriously and think about making a career out of it?
I suppose it was when I was applying for University that I realised that the only thing I really enjoyed doing was filming and editing things. The media industry seemed like the best way for me to do that, and I thought you might as well do something you love! But I guess it was when I started doing the BFC films I really started to realise how much I enjoyed doing it.

Yeah, so the BFC (mountainboard media and events crew) came about in 2006. What were your goals with that?
My goal was to try and show people, mostly people getting into the sport how fun mountainboarding can be. Mountainboarding is often seen as a hardcore sport that’s far too dangerous for most people. I don’t agree with this and it annoys me how some people portray the sport and it’s probably put off a lot of people over the years. I hoped that with the BFC DVDs people would be able to see how much fun you can have with the sport. When you first buy a board it takes a bit of getting used to, but if that board comes with a DVD showing a higher level of riding it might spur that person on to stick at the sport.

All three DVDs seemed to go down well, but with the rise of the internet and cheaper, better video cameras, board sport movie making has become more accessible and there seems to be fewer DVDs and more youtube videos. Do you think that the future of board sport films is with feature length projects like DVDs or is it all about 3 minute go-pro edits online?
I honestly don’t know. If you look at snowboard films this year, more proper length films are being released on Itunes as well as DVDs. A lot of sites like Mpora, youtube, vimeo etc offer a fast easy way for people to access vast quantities of action sports films. And with the DSLR revolution we are seeing more and more amateur videos with really good quality images. However, I really like having a collection of DVDs, I have a pretty nice collection of snowboard DVDs, it’s nice to have something solid.

Yeah it’s good to hold something proper in your hands and get excited about putting a DVD on and watching it with friends.
For sure, and while we are seeing more small edits from lots of different people who might not have been able to make videos before, there are a couple of bad points to it. More people have a voice but maybe it’s getting harder to find the good stuff?

Yeah, I guess that’s one of the points of Board-Mag.com, to get all the good stuff together in one place. Speaking of web edits, you recently did some work for Method Mag, what exactly did you get up to?
I spent 2 weeks in Austria with the Method guys going to a variety of events to film content for their web videos. I was based in Innsbruck but headed off to Garmisch in Germany after day 1 to film the Ride Shakedown which was pretty awesome. It was my first proper snowboard event to film so it was exciting. I then followed Flo Achrainer and  Denis Leontyev up to Serfhaus just outside Innsbruck to film at the awesome park there. Denis has exploded onto the scene this year and his rail skills makes most people want to hang up their boots and just quit, it’s not worth trying to compete when it comes to tech tricks. I then went with Denis to the Sane! Rail jam in the small village of Rinn outside Innsbruck. I went to Wangl Tangl after the Sane! rail jam and it was an amazing week filming some of the best know snowboarders on the planet.

Sounds awesome, how did you get the gig filming some of the biggest snowboard events in Europe?
I started speaking to the guys at method after an advert on the website looking for interns. After speaking to them for a bit and showing them some of my work they offered me the chance to join them out at Wangl Tangl in Mayrhoffen and then the trip grew from there.

You also filmed the British Universities Ski and Snowboard Championship out in Tignes right?
Yeah! That was a cracking two weeks filled with, sun, slush, beers and slashing! It was actually a really heavy schedule. The first week was a bit more laid back but once the events started it was lots of early mornings to get up to the event locations like the X Games slopestyle park and set up. Then we had to film the night events till 2-3am as well, so I was pretty tired!

I bet, I guess all your experience paid off! Got any tips for people wanting to get into the board sports filming industry?
Don’t expect to get paid! I’m still to make a penny out of filming board sports! Do it because you love it not because you want to make money from it. Keep shooting as much stuff as you can and practice different styles of editing to different styles of music. Watch lots of other content and look at how different people film things. Keep at it and you will develop your own style and try and keep your shots steady! Oh, and always make sure you have enough batteries / tape etc!

Tape? What do you film with? Betamax?
I wish! I currently film on the Canon 550d (as with everyone else) and gopro at the moment. I think for shooting board sports, tapes are dead. It’s much easier and practical to get out and film with something like a DSLR.  However, learning how to use them is very important rather than just sticking them on the auto settings. Change it to shooting at 50fps so you can get some decent slow mo and change your settings to best match the light conditions. Also the right lens is important. They cost a small fortune but I was lucky enough to use some really nice ones out in Tignes and it makes such a difference!

Wise words! So what exactly are you doing work wise at the moment?
I just started working at TwoFour Productions down in Plymouth as an Edit Runner. It’s an entry level position but it’s good as I’m learning a lot about the television industry.

Are you still going to be making board sport videos?
Let’s hope so!

Did you mention that the company you work for made deal or no deal? Have you met Noel Edmunds?
Haha…nah we don’t make deal or no deal unfortunately. They made “Are you Smarter than a 10 year old?” which  Noel presented!

oh well, fingers crossed you’ll meet him one day! Anything else you want to add?
If you’re just getting into filming….keep at it!

Cheers jack, looking forward to seeing some more board sport stuff from you!

Interview by Rhys Crilley.

BFC Cream Teas and Jam Round 2 @ Surf The Turf

BFC Cream Teas and Jam Round 2 @ Surf The Turf

Everyones favourite mountainboard freestyle jam is coming to the Lake District on the 3rd and 4th September.

Rumour has it that Surf The Turf have a great weekend planned, there’s a screwfix go-kart rally taking place and… it’s CREAM TEAS AND JAM ROUND 2!

On the Saturday it’s heat 3 of the Screwfix/Evolution Go Kart Rally and on Sunday we it’s round 2 of the Cream Teas and Jam Mountain Board Freestyle Jam.

Tell us you’re coming on facebook!

Saturday will be go-kart race day but we’ll also be having the 2nd annual BFC Banked Slalom Challenge.

That night there will be tunes, a campfire and camping then Sunday the 4th we are hosting round 2 of the Cream Teas and Jam freestyle session!

Expect the usual jibbing, freestyle, spot prizes and fun times!

Cream teas and jam is more about the fun than the winning so whether your a novice or a pro come and have some mountain boarding fun and win some prizes. Last year was great and we are aiming for this years event to be even better!

Check out www.surf-the-turf.co.uk & www.yumyumbfc.com for more info

Camp Bestival 2011

Camp Bestival 2011

Without beating around the bush, Camp Bestival was a lot of fun. It had one of the best atmospheres of any festival I’ve ever been to, each mountainboard display was watched by approximately 5000 people and I saw Matt Brind join the elite 900 club with the likes of Tom Kirkman and some guy called Tony Hawk. I also managed to blag  myself a nice new Paul Frank T-Shirt and had to ask myself the age old question; rollerblading, is it really the root of all evil?

Pretty much everyone has heard of Bestival. One of the UK’s biggest festivals where adults and teenagers travel to the Isle of Wight for a weekend of music, debauchery and indulgence in a few too many things which can be described as bad for your health. However, not too many people (at least people my age who I’ve spoken to) know about Camp Bestival; Bestival’s younger sibling. Camp Bestival is the family friendly equivalent of Bestival. There’s lots of music, a small amount of well mannered debauchery and about a gazillion, billion fun things for kids to do.

This year, for the second year in a row, there was a Freesports Park located smack bang in the middle of Camp Bestival. Kids and adults alike could watch some of the best mountainboarders, mountainbikers, skaters and inliners ride in demos whilst also having the chance to get stuck into have-a-go sessions and open sessions on the freesports park. The freesports park is pretty impressive. Riders can choose to drop in from three different roll-ins (15ft, 21ft, and 25ft) into either a steep kicker with a 10ft gap or a mellower kicker with a 20ft gap. After stomping their tricks, riders landed on a steep landing of about 20ft and were sent straight into an epic 16ft quarterpipe.

Alongside this epic main feature were a mini ramp, climbing wall, parkour area and a mountainboard hire-and-ride hill. There was a lot for any action sports enthusiast to get their teeth into!

The first demo kicked off at 3pm on Friday to a chilled start. Mountainboarders such as Sam Nicholas, Jamie Johnstone and Gary Crowhurst kept the crowd happy with solid tricks over the big gap. 360s, 540s and big backflips were thrown down left right and centre and James Wanklyn went on to stomp his first ever mctwist in the quarter pipe.

Friday night came round and before heading off to see Blondie there was a bit of mellow night session where Gary was absolutely sending it over the gap, stomping 3s and backflips like there was no tomorrow. James Wanklyn was thrown into the mix and him and Gary ended up acting like synchronized swimmers, throwing down synchronized handplants in the quarter pipe.

We also met Camp Bestival and Bestival organiser extraordinaire, Rob Da Bank!

We soon headed off to see Blondie, who despite nowadays looking like a rock band fronted by your mum, were actually pretty good. Who knew old school BFC rider Steve Cownie knew all the words to pretty much every Blondie song ever?!

After a few too many beverages and not too much sleep, Saturday started off somewhat hazy. In an act of pathetic fallacy, the weather was also hazy, drizzly, cold and wet. Luckily by demo time the ramp was dry, the riders were ready and the show was about to get started.

MBS pro rider Matt Brind made his first appearance after spending 72 hours waiting at accreditation trying to get his lovely girlfriend into the festival. Matt soon got stuck in, flipping, spinning and pleasing the crowds with his trademark style and technicality. After spending all morning teaching kids how to ride mountainboards Matt decided to teach himself a lesson and subsequently came up with this equation:

Quarterpipe + Backflip + Over Rotation x Backside Edge Catch = PAIN

Brindy then had to sit out the rest of the day with a sore backside, luckily though before this happened I bagged this shot of him going all kinds of corked.

The sun ended up coming out and loads of kids who had brought their own skateboards were having a great time sessioning the ramp during the open sessions. During the session some sneaky mountainbikers moved the kicker back by 4 feet  and a couple of kids were having so much fun that they didn’t notice.

This young fellow here, scared the bejeesus out of everyone by doing this sweet double grab and not having enough speed to make the gap, dissapearing out of sight and plummeting about 8 foot to the floor. Luckily kids these days are made of hard stuff and the young chap brushed himself off and asked for the kicker to be moved back. What a hero!

Later on as we were frolicking around the festival site, we bumped into a guy we had noticed watching the demos and doing this weird kind of fidgety dancing thing for a solid hour. He was pretty stoked that we recognised him and he said that he loved the shows. He had a weird pair of Vans on his feet though…

I won’t go in to what happened on Saturday night in much detail as you don’t need a phd in common sense to work out what a bunch of 18-24 year olds do in the evening at a festival. Lets just say we met up with a couple of friends, had some nice cocktails and enjoyed the lovely summer evening down in Dorset. I think Ted from Trampa was having  the best time EVER.

Sunday came around all too quickly and after teaching over a million kids how to mountainboard in the space of just three days, we decided it was time to have a bit of fun riding the hire fleet boards ourselves. Hilarity ensued with lots of comedy bails, bum boarding and a bit of salmon dancing from Niall Po-Fo.

During the demo on Sunday, mountainbiker Daryl Brown (who rides pretty much every day at Knockhill MBC) was going absolutely massive and wowing the crowds with his magical rubbery legs and ninja kicks.

Wight Trash skater Jamie Sawyer was also giving it beans but couldnt quite stick the landings on his Danny way inspired melon grabs over the mega ramp.

The rollerbladers from Loco Skates were also killing it. I know rollerbladers are meant to be our sworn enemies but the inline guys at Camp Bestival were nice, friendly and pretty awesome. they were throwing down rodeos, inverted 720s and Mikey manged to land a 900 over the massive gap. I was impressed. Before this I thought rollerbladers were all about listening to eminem, getting in the way at the skatepark and just generally being a bit chavy. Turns out I was wrong; Rollerblading isn’t the root of all evil and boarders and bladers can get along (honestly, I saw skaters and inliners high fiving at the top of the roll-in ramp!).

Out of all the sports and riders there on Sunday, it was Matt brind on his mountainboard who once again stole the show. Not only did he stomp backflips, frontflips, 540s and 720s, but he also didn’t want to be outdone by the rollerbladers and landed the elusive 900. That’s two and a half rotations in the air landing switch, on a mountainboard. Mental! As with all of his tricks, Brindy stomped it with style and aplomb. Check out this video of him doing the trick and me shouting all about it!

This obviously got the kids pretty stoked and after the demo a bunch of future shredders came up and asked for a couple of autographs from the riders. Once everyone had scribbled their name in marker pen, biro or stanley knife (just kidding!) the groms were happy to pose for a photo.

Feeling like rockstars we headed out into the festival for the last night to catch a couple of artists and djs. After hearing Yasmin on a Boiler Room session with Jamie XX, I persuaded everyone to come and check her out. Despite not normally being avid fans of RnB, I think it’s safe to say that the crew fell in love with Yasmin. Something about good music and being female and attractive I guess. We then caught a bit of Benjamin Francis Leftwich who was good but not quite as attention grabbing as Yasmin. The evening was going well, we may or may not have had a couple of shots of tequila…

And we even met the Cuban Brothers.

Life was sweet and the party was on. But as everyone was dancing away into the night I couldn’t help having a few moments contemplation about my new found realization that rollerblading wasn’t the root of all evil. I sat in the corner quitley sipping the most expensive whiskey and coke on the planet and asked myself a few questions. Is rollerblading cool? Can those who use skateboards and those who use “aggresive inlines” coexist peacefully in a blissful, wheel based utopia?

If fruitbooters aren’t the root of all evil, then what on earth is?

The answer, I realised, was obvious. Micro Scooters.  The Two Wheeled Menace. The Action Sport That Shall Not Be Named.

Feeling somewhat enlightened, I could finally join the party. As Camp Bestival came to an end, we celebrated an amazing weekend with skateboarders, mountainboarders, mountainbikers and even rollerbladers. So, I ask all of you, if you know anyone with a micro scooter do whatever you can to swap it for a skateboard, mountainboard, moutainbike or even a pair of rollerblades.

Afterall, they wouldn’t want to get arrested for riding a micro scooter like this guy would they?!

Check out our edit of the mountainboarding and skating HERE!

Massive thanks to Andy Potter, Nigel and all the ramp builders for building such a sick Freesports Park in the middle of a massive festival.

Big props to all the riders who came down, threw down and wowed the crowds. See yall at Bestival!

Words, photos and video by Rhys Crilley

A Couple of photos by Niall Po-Fo and Steve Cownie.