Ozone Enduro V1 Preview

The wind has been pumping in the last couple weeks and we have been making the most of it! This period between Christmas and New Year has delivered great conditions which together with the mild temperatures has been a lot of fun. We are now aching from hours on the water. Just before Christmas we took delivery of the new Ozone Enduro V1 – this is a kite we have been looking forward to for a long time. It is the all round performance kite for those who want a kite which is good at everything. It replaces the 2015 Catalyst, which has been a favourite for the last couple of years and sits between the Catalyst V1 and C4 V6 in the Ozone range.

So far we are impressed – the Enduro is everything we expected. It is not a major change from the Catalyst 2015, but we have only tried the default bridle setting. The 12m pictured has a good low end, plenty of pop, and a good top end too giving us record Woo scores to date! two sessions in and we cannot wait for more.

If you have not seen it already – take a look at this Enduro video which came out recently!

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