Get high on the new Flysurfer BOOST kite

Update: The Flysurfer BOOST review is now available here.

Just announced: TheĀ Flysurfer BOOST, an exciting new leading edge inflatable kite designed for speed freaks and big air enthusiasts. The new BOOST will arrive in sizes ranging from 7m through to 18m and is IKA registered for the race circuit. The BOOST will be shipping with the Infinity 3.0 bar and features low-drag flying lines to maximise efficiency. To give the BOOST the ultimate edge over other larger inflatables Flysurfer are releasing the 15m and 18m in a special light wind variant with reduced weight. We have spent limited time on this new kite but will be arming ourselves with a quiver as soon as possible.

Whilst away in Egypt earlier in the year we had the opportunity to snap and ride the new BOOST. We tested the 11 and 13m and were very impressed with the feel of the kite. It was fast through the sky, predictable and really smooth. Check out how tight the canopy looks (no wrinkles) – this is a very good sign!

Keep an eye out on the site for a full review and more specifics very soon!

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