Flysurfer BOOST kite preview

Update: The Flysurfer BOOST review is now available here.

This weekend we had the opportunity to take the wrappers off the new Flysurfer BOOST so here are a few first impressions before the full review. The wind was quite up and down so we choose to take the 11m out. The kite comes in a traditional Flysurfer zip bag and the bar was not attached to the kite like it was on the Cronix. Flysurfer are using the same large inflation / deflation valve as found on the Cronix so getting the kite up did not take long. The bridle on the BOOST is thinner than most inflatable kites on the market and there isn’t a lot of it either, thankfully. In the air the kite looks great, potentially taking inspiration on the colour scheme from another European brand. The colours and print are extremely vibrant and whilst riding the canopy is super super tight. When watching other kites on the water the BOOST definitely had the least / next to no flutter at all and looked the most stable through gusts. One thing that was really surprising the BOOST is, not just in a straight line but in the turns as well, the 11m could easily be mistaken for something much smaller. The new bar has been drastically improved upon the old one, the slimmer profile and new grip is much comfier to hold and feels much lighter in the hands.

For riders who weren’t 100% on the Cronix we would suggested giving Flysurfer another chance for the BOOST, its a completely different animal and we can’t wait to spend more time on it. Stay tuned for a full review once we get some more time on the Flysurfer BOOST across all the sizes in the range, hopefully with some blue sky as well.

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