Loads of new stuff from Ozone!

New Website
Ozone have been working hard it would seem with revamping their website and accessory line up and we love what we see. The first big release is their new website which was well overdue! The new site whilst heavy on the sliders is way clearer and cleaner than the old site and makes each product look a lot better. Great move.

New Ozone Website

New Bar
Next up the new bar! The 2014 bar upgrade to the push away chickenloop was a huge move and put it up there as one of the most user friendly and well designed bars on the market. The only complaints where the bar ends and the visible rivets. Nit picking really (however we did smash our bar into our surfboard a few times leaving marks). For 2015 the bar has been upgraded with new soft bar ends which make it look a lot nicer. On top of that the lines have been upgraded from 300kg lines all round to 500kg on the fronts and 300kg on the steering lines. Another great improvement. Find out more about the 2015 Ozone Contact Water Bar.

New Bags
Finally accessories – loads of new Ozone accessories. and some upgraded ones. The new V30 backpack looks great with its integrated laptop pocket. Ideal for work/school/travelling. The board bag has been updated with the new colourway and branding – this is designed to carry two twintips, 2-3 kites as well as your wetsuit and harness.

New Clothing
There are a couple of new tees as well – the Inspired Tee and O Tee.

See all our Ozone accessories online!

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