The Flysurfer Sonic FR – looks interesting!

This week Flysurfer have announced a new kite in the range called the Flysurfer Sonic-FR. FR stands for Full Race which is pretty self explanatory. This kite is not simply a tuned up Speed 4 but a totally new kite. If you are looking for high performance, maximum hangtime and lightwind performance then this could be the one for you. We dont know how it will compare to the Chrono yet but we imagine that will be what it is trying to beat.
Flysurfer Sonic FR race kite
Some interesting observations are the trailing edge where the cells are split into two – this should increase rigidity and performance.

These are the features mentioned by Flysurfer:

  • Ultra-high-performance foil with 3D shaped profile, characterized by extreme performance and hangtime.
  • Control, Performance and maximum Efficiency.
  • Advanced RibCell Technology
  • Racebar setup with exclusive „low-drag” bridle- and flying lines, creating less drag, while retaining high breaking loads of the lines.

Sizing: 11m2 / 15m2 / 18m2 with IKA approval

We cannot wait to see higher res images and actually test the kite!
Flysurfer Sonic FR race kite

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