New 2015 Ozone C4 now available

We got a 2015 C4 on demo the other week but unfortunately it was nowhere near windy enough (it wasnt even Zephyr weather!). Eitherway we were keen to get it out of the bag and take a look. There was enough wind to get it in the sky and fly it about. It is definitely a fast kite – no doubt about that! The kite turns fast and generates a lot of pull – this is going to be popular with the kiteloop crowd. The kite looked great in the sky. The new control bar is tiny! For 2015 the 10m and below ship with 38cm bars and the larger sizes use the 45cm bar. We are looking forward to getting this out on the water.

Read more about the 2015 Ozone C4.

Take a look at these photos we took

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