Girls – The Future of Board Sports

kite girl mafgazineIt seems pretty doom and gloomy out there at the moment. Summer so far has been wet, really wet. People were already being cautious with their spending, and the fact a constant stream of events and holidays and free weekends are being ruined by the never ending downpour is making people even more cautious. The retailers are having a real hard time, with another bunch closing down or at least cutting back on major overheads (like actual real stores) and ad spend (RIP PowerKite Mag).

One area that does seem to be gaining momentum however is the girls market. Cooler has always done a great job (in my manly opinion) of catering for action sports girls. That last 12 months however have seen KiteGirl magazine pop up and produce some good content with solid backing from advertisers. Coven magazine has also appeared which combines action sports with art, fashion, photography and other elements of design to produce a really good read.

This is really exciting and can only be a good thing for the sports we love. The male to female ratio has always been diabolical in most of these sports, and when there are girls involved, it always ups the cool level somewhat.

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