Another one bites the dust – PowerKite Mag

PowerKite MagazineIt saddens me to say that after 49 issues PowerKite Mag is no more. It was for many years a successful magazine, bringing together interesting content and plenty of advertisers. Sadly as the industry has consolidated itself, the global economic slowdown has lingered and the web has boomed, the magazine has not managed to keep up with the times. It is a shame – I remember when I first got into the sport years ago and used to regularly buy the mag or at least read most of it in Smiths in my lunch break. It was full of exciting names and stories. Riders, events, gear, spots. I wanted to know more about all of it.

As time progressed and I got more into the sport I then started contributing to the magazine. It was fun to do – the first time you see your work in print it feels amazing. It was a great way to get involved in the industry, make connections with brands and it lead to some great opportunities.

I always felt PowerKite Mag failed to move with the times. It neglected the online World with only a terrible basic website and only relatively recently a facebook page. It didnt really stand a chance without leveraging the web. It is not worth dwelling on though.

I would like to extend the opportunity to anyone who wishes to write kitelandboarding based articles to get in contact – I feel like we should do what we can for a sport we love and give that content a new home here on Board Mag. We have covered some landboard action in the past – but more would be great!

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