Skateboarding at the Olympics?!

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) have announced that they are working on the possibility of including skateboarding in the Olympics.

In an article released by Reuters News Agency, Pat McQuaid, president of the International Cycling Union has announced that they are working on incorporating skateboarding into future Olympic events.

“There are discussions going on about the probability, or possibility, of maybe getting BMX freestyle and skateboarding into the Olympic Games programme” said Mr McQuaid at the Sportaccord convention.

“Discussions aren’t very far advanced yet, it’s just an idea that has come up in discussions with the IOC because of the success of BMX when we brought that into the Beijing Olympic Games,” he added.

McQuaid, a member of the International Olympic Committee, said the IOC had asked his federation whether they could accommodate skateboarding were it to become a serious consideration.

“We said we could,” said the Dubliner, adding that the UCI was willing to take the whole of skateboarding under their umbrella.

Here is where, sees the problem. Perhaps Skateboarding would be awesome to see at the Olympics, but surely if it happens it should be ran by skateboarders not cyclists. Afterall, it’s not like skiiers run the snowboarding events at the Winter Olympics.

Oh wait. They do. It seems that board sports are destined to be ran by people who don’t actually ride boards, crazy huh?!

Skateboarding won’t be coming to the Olympics before 2020 and Mr McQuaid noted that “It could be a long term project”.

Despite skateboarding, with its urban counter-culture image, appearing to be a very different sport to cycling, McQuaid said there were strong elements in common. He commented, “they are both… (similar) lifestyle events that attract very much the youth culture of today and it’s important for sport to attract youth.”

Although we share this sentiment it doesnt seem to make sense to let a bunch of lycra clad velodrome racers run a skateboard event does it now?! Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

Words by Rhys Crilley

Based on the full article by Reuters

Cheers to Matt Barr for the heads up on twitter

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