Jamie Nicholls Wins Freeze 2012!

Board-mag.com has used the latest in statistical-future-forecasting-methods to bring you the hottest snowboarding news from the future. After coming 7th in the FIS Big Air at London Freeze 2010 and 4th in 2011, Jamie Nicholls has won the FIS Big Air at London Freeze 2012.

We can’t reveal exactly what Jamie will throw down in 2012 but we reckon it will involve going corked three times, stomping the landing and riding into the arms of some hot babes. Needless to say, Jamie and his sponsors Salomon, Red Bull, Nike 6.0 and Sterling Socks will probably be pretty stoked.

Untill Freeze 2012 actually happens, enjoy this video of 2011’s event from our friends at Gonzilla.tv featuring Jamie Nicholls, Billy Morgan, Dom Harington and Scott Penman who nearly stomps a triple frontflip!

High tech statistical future analysis conducted in a secret lab atop a mountain by Rhys Crilley

Photo from Salomon Snowboards

Video by Gonzilla.tv

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