Rotatable Kitesurf Footstrap Plate

Rotating Kitesurfing Binding

With the “Rotatable Footstrap Plate” strapped kite surfing is just more relaxed. With this smart accessory you can TURN YOUR STRAP and keep full contact with your board. There is no need to ride a long oversized strap with bad side support. This accessory offers a wide range of benefits for those who prefer straps. Jibing into waves, toe side riding, keeping control in switched stance, entering the strap and not to forget much less fatigue in your ankle and knee joints.


Latest innovation to combine advantages of straps with the best angle position known from strapless riding is the  ROTATABLE FOOTSTRAP PLATE.
“The rider can turn the strap into the required angle while the pad under your foot remains fixed to avoid unwanted rotation.”
It means riding strapped with additional features:
  • Being able to move the heel forward/backward gives a wider range for weight distribution on the board.
  • Placing your heel more forward makes you keep the speed in low wind situations.
  • Moving the heel back allows jibes on the spot and very comfortable cut backs.
Rotating Kitesurfing Binding
Besides the increased range for placing you heel, the system solves the problem with a tense front foot position, twisting your ankle in centerline mounted straps. Many people experience discomfort and knee pain when riding with tight straps, so they go for a wide and loose strap setup.
The downside of loose straps is a poor foot fixation for jumps and unwanted sliding inside the strap with less precise steering in fast bottom turns on mushy waves. When your foot and your knee point straight into the same direction, then the strain on the knee joint is reduced to a minimum. In this position you can also withstand much higher forces on your ankle. And this system is not only beneficial for directionals, it certainly works on TT boards too.
Those who want relaxed fun moves, cruising comfortable upwind and throw some switched stance tricks on their  way out will enjoy adapting to different positions on the fly. As soon as you turn your hips for a certain move, your feet want to adjust – and with a rotating strap this is easy. TT kiters on coastlines will find it an advantage “to keep the nose up” when slicing some waves and riding switched stance with your body turned into sailing direction is pure comfort.

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