The Ozone Reo Kite

Check out the latest news on the Reo kite from FlyOzone.

Oh yeah, I’ve got good news for you all. We have officially finished with trimming and tuning the Reo’s. However for us the good news is that our feelings and impression of the Reo’s have been confirmed.

We sent a set of final protos to Western OZ for Nathan Ducker and Darren Marshall to try out and to get their feedback. For sure they already ride our products but still they are independent in terms of the fact that they know what they want and like. Remember, we are in the development stage so if they did not like something, now was the time to speak and they know I want to hear the truth.

Both Darren and Nathan reckon the Reo is amazing and performs fantastically in all aspects. They went to Gnaraloo for a week of solid riding and testing and they scored it good. Varied wind strengths got them out on all sizes except the 4m. Hooked or unhooked, down the line surfing was made easy according to them.

As you can imagine this is awesome news for Torrin and myself. We have been working on the project now for over a year and we have tested this kite more than any other kite we have developed so it is a great feeling of satisfaction to have finished the job. Now all we have to do is get out there and enjoy it on some beautiful waves.

Real reports from both Darren and Nathan are on the way…

There are still things to get sorted like the graphics, bags and all that stuff but the bulk of the job is now done…

Enjoy the ride
Rob Whittall (Ozone Kites Designer)

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