The Ultimate Summer Alternative to Snowboarding

As the winter season draws to a close many snowboarders are wondering what they can do to keep the stoke alive. Nowadays you can really keep snowboarding year round – though it will take some financing. The glacier resorts are open for a summer season which can be odd as it is normally very sunny and warm, yet still cold enough for the snow base to remain. Unless your into park riding however – this is limited. There are minimal amounts of piste open and powder just isnt going to happen. The best option would obviously be a southern hemisphere season but again – most of us have jobs which do not allow for this.

Closer to home we have the indoor fridges and dare I say it – dry slopes. Personally I am not into the dry slopes at all. The fridges are good in small doses, and for rail monkeys. The freeriders and cruisers will not get much out of the experience. Rail monkeys will have a wild time – the UK has a vibrant park scene lead by the domes and guys like Mikee from For Boarders by Boarders ( Unfortunately due to some level of incompetence at some point in the design process, only the Hemel Snow Centre is allowed to have kickers.

Due to the cost and the likely amount of travel involved – it is safe to say you wont be getting too much of a kick out of just snowboarding. It is worth checking out some alternatives.

Surfing is popular, but unless you are near good conditions – it is tough.

Kite surfing is a great sport to get into but there are barriers to entry. Learning takes time and gear is expensive.

For the more adventurous we recommend mountainboarding. There are centres all over the UK which have beginner slopes, boardercross tracks and freestyle set ups including kickers, rails and even big table tops. There is a popular misconception that it hurts when you fall off however that is not true as you tend to wear pads.

Mountainboarding - a great alternative to snowboarding

Skating is a great option. Trick skateboarding is very hard and takes a lot of energy and enthusiasm – it is not for everyone. Longboarding is something everyone should do. You are never too old to cruise around on a longboard. I cant understand why any board sport enthusiast would not have a longboard in the car at all times. It is fun even on flat land. A mellow slope makes for an amazing time. Within a few sessions you will pick up huge amounts of confidence and begin to enjoy it more and more. There is pretty much no other board sport that is so accessible and that you can practice every single day.

On that note – I suggest you dig out your old longboard from the garage, or start looking online for one because it is a must have!

3 thoughts on “The Ultimate Summer Alternative to Snowboarding

  • January 18, 2012 at 4:34 pm

    Your’s is the inltelinget approach to this issue.

  • July 31, 2012 at 10:45 am

    What about freeboarding, its almost the same as snowboarding on the pavement.

    • August 5, 2012 at 6:22 pm

      Freeboarding imitates the carving sensation well but is nowhere near as versatile. Still looks great though.


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